The Connaught

Mayfair – that district of London that seems to have everything, for people who have everything. At the least, you’ll need to have quite a bit of money to entertain your escort at the Connaught, an extravagantly classy hotel in London’s most extravagantly classy district. Decorated in sumptuous classical-English style, the mahogany staircases, luxuriously deep carpets, and pure velvet curtains give a high-class, aristocratic feel the hotel.

It’s not all style and no substance, though – The tuxedoed staff is as snappy with their service as the Mayfair butlers of the 1800s that preceded them. The Connaught Restaurant is headed by acclaimed chef Angela Hartnett, serving delicious European and English cuisine, and the wine list in the Connaught bar is impressive to say the least.

While a recent renovation has modernized the hotel’s amenities, the Connaught still retains the old-class style of the classiest of Mayfair hotels. It’s no wonder that Mick Jagger and Karl Lagerfield both regularly frequent the hotel. With London’s west end and shopping havens on your doorstep, as well as London’s classiest restaurants and bars, The Connaught is the perfect place to stay, and the perfect place to impress your escort.

Carlos Place Mayfair, LONDON, W1K 2AL