Cross Keys

You’d think you were Chihiro from “Spirited Away”, stumbling into a strange and fantastical world as you step through the door of this truly unique Chelsea bar. A pub has been on the spot of “Cross Keys” since 1765, and all incarnations have been popular with the upper-class Chelsea clientele. This particular version, however, is in a class above the rest.

I have already mentioned the fantastical air to it – and that’s really the only way to describe the atmosphere created by the bar’s elaborate, ornate décor and furnishings. You’ll have to see it yourself to truly appreciate the mythical yet non-garish style of Cross Keys.

More of a gastro bar than just a bar, Cross Keys has an excellent and spacious restaurant with an open-plan kitchen at the back of the building. The menu is slightly pricey, with main courses coming in at an average of £20, but the sumptuous banquets that will be placed before you are well worth the expense. Reservations are recommended, as Cross Keys is understandably a very popular venue.

While Chihiro stumbled into a spirit-world, you’ll be faced with a world of spirits! Cheap joke, but the extensive yet reasonably-priced wines list should satisfy all your beverage desires.

Great food and drink in a beautiful setting, you and your escort will be feeling the magic in no time.

1 Lawrence Street,
0872 148 1121