Danny Boy

Danny is the name and being an Escort is my game. I am 23 years old fresh out of University, I graduated with a 1st in Biology from Cambridge, and now I am living it up as a London Escort. People think I am crazy but this really is the best job in the world. I am getting paid to have girls through themselves at me what could be better than that?

I have always been reasonably good looking with an ok body but it wasn’t until I turned 21 when I really started to blossom and girls started fighting over me at university. I thought I had died and gone to man heaven but I must say that all that attention especially from the immature girls at my university got a bit tiring after a while. As soon as I graduated I knew I wanted to move to London but I really didn’t want to use my degree, much to my parent’s disappointment, I must add. I wanted fun and wanted to make the most out of my god like status with women. At first I contemplated modelling but I was quickly told I wasn’t tall enough at 5ft 10in. That was a bit of a blow but literally the nest day I met this women in a bar. She was older about my mum’s age I think but really rather sexy in a Mrs Robinson way. Sadly she didn’t come on to me but she did give me her card. It turned out she was from a London Escort agency. She told me they were looking for new London male Escorts and that I was just what they were looking for. Over a bottle of wine she told me exactly what the Escort job entailed and told me how much I would get paid. I was amazed and I knew straight away that I would make a fantastic London male Escort. Being an Escort in London seemed like the perfect way to get to know the new city I was living in and get paid to have fun and entertain gorgeous women at the same time. Anna the Escort agency lady told me to come into their London office the next day and she would sort me out with my first job. I left that bar feeling on top of the world and to tell you the truth I still feel like that now six months later.

After my first job Anna sent me to get some Escort photos done. I looked hot and Anna quickly put me up on the website advertising me as the God of London. I told all my mates that I was an Escort and you should have seen their faces they were so jealous. Most of them were now stuck in offices doing boring graduate jobs and there I was making bucket loads of money for having a good time. Some of them even tried to see if they could make it in the London male Escort world but no one seemed to be successful apart from me.

Thankfully my career if you can call it that has continued to go from strength to strength. I am more popular than ever and I am now being paid double than what I was getting at the start for just one night. I now have a very cool penthouse bachelor pad on the banks of the River Thames in one of London’s coolest areas complete with sauna and hot tub of course. I drive a Ferrari sports car and I often dine and stay at some of London’s best hotels. I love being a male Escort and I couldn’t wish for a better life – I just hope my looks stand the test of time.