Dream Sensations

Carmen had the same dream almost every night. It was a dream that always made her wake up wet between the legs, with her pussy throbbing in a steady rhythm. Although she was a shy, quiet girl, in her dreams Carmen was confident and dominating, able to behave however she wanted. Sometimes when she got home from work she would go to bed straight away, willing sleep to find her more quickly so that she could escape into her dreams and become the girl she longed to be.

In her dreams, Carmen was a high class escort in London, whose clients worshipped her every move. She would dominate them, and they would please her. Last night, she dreamed of a man called Tony, a businessman in his early 40s. With salt and pepper hair, his stubble scratched her skin a little, but his touch was soft. He was already naked and begging to satisfy her, though he hadn’t been allowed to touch her yet.

“Close your eyes, Tony” she ordered. He did as he was told and awaited her next command. Feeling lazy, Carmen pushed down the straps of her dress and let it fall to the floor, and then discarded her underwear leaving her as naked as Tony. She laid face down on the bed, with her head resting on her folded arms.

“Ok, now you can open your eyes”. She heard him exhale slowly as he drank in the sight of her, the pert curve of her arse arched towards him. Unsure of what to do next, he stood and waited.

“I want you to touch me, very slowly. Don’t rush it; cover every inch of my skin, stroking me gently until I’m gushing wet.”

Tony almost tripped over himself as he rushed towards her, carefully climbing onto the bed next to her. She kept her eyes closed as his fingers traced her spine, brushing over her buttocks and continuing down her legs. For a long time he kept his touch light as a feather, making her skin tingle with delicious sensations. She moaned appreciatively whenever he touched a hot spot, encouraging him to focus there. Gradually he got closer and closer to her pussy, stroking the soft skin inside her thighs. Deciding that she was ready for him, Carmen opened her legs and arched her back, pushing her sweet ass even higher.

“Fuck me now” she demanded. Already rock hard, Tony climbed over where she lay, still flat on her front. He eased his dick into her, and she felt so tight and wet around him. He pushed as hard as he could to enter her completely, filling her up and making her groans even louder.

Just as he started to pump away with a steady rhythm, Carmen woke up – horny and frustrated. She had learned long ago to keep a vibrator next to her bed for occasions like this, where she might explode if she didn’t finish off. Switching it on to the highest setting, she wriggled and writhed as the waves rippled through her body and she came with a loud cry. She was exhausted when she finished, and settled down in bed to slip back into her dream world.