Erotic Stories

Fancy a bit of light reading? These erotic fictional fantasies will definitely heat you up! Just click on the title to see each story in full.

Healthy Lunch Break

So, it took me a while to reluctantly realise that I had no sex life. I was working 14 hours everyday plus the weekend, so I didn’t even have much time to sleep and eat, let alone have sex. Needless to say, my hand and Playboy magazines became my best friends in the past six months.

The Girl Next Door

She watched from her window as the three boys lifted boxes and pushed furniture towards their door. Her new next door neighbours looked like they were in their early 20s, and each of them had their own rugged handsomeness about them.

Strangers In The Night

Working as a London escort I often had late nights and was used to walking home alone, but there was something stange about tonight;

High Above London

He was single and constantly being teased at work for being married to his job. Although he made a great deal of money for his hard work,

Randy Brandy

I moved to London from Texas 3 years ago with my boyfriend cuz he got a job out here, but he got so stuffy workin’ all the time that I broke it off. I loved the city so I decided to stay put for a while.

Ivana – Part 1

We were introduced by a guy I met at the gym and bumped into the same night, he was just being polite but obviously didn’t want to take up too much of his evening making small talk with me.

Ivana – Part 2

I should probably hate Ivana for doing this to me, but when I dream about her every night its the best time of my life.

Sexy Solution

For a few weeks I’ll be insatiable, then suddenly I’ll lose my appetite for it altogether. When it’s gone,

My Bisexual Adventure

It was all amicable, we’d just grown apart and our sex life was completely extinct. Although I was still fond of him, nothing could stir up the lust that I missed so much.

My Lucky Day

Apparently I lack in self confidence, and I need to believe in myself more before anyone else will believe in me. I wanted to push myself and get out there, so last week I took a brave step.

Am I Dreaming?

They had clicked straight away, the way that only happens a few times throughout your life. From the kiss on her cheek as they met,

The Silver Screen

At least twice a week, he would hire a London escort to visit him at his small one bedroom apartment. Although he felt it was completely worth it, this habit was proving costly and burning a hole in his pocket.

Fantasy Fulfilled

She was the type of woman who was traditional, conservative, and afraid of changes. In our forty years of marriage I could only recall our love life to be monotone and unadventurous.

Two Is Better Than One

Of course none of my ‘girlfriends’ could accept that. It might have seemed fun at the beginning of the relationship when I enthusiastically invited another woman to join our adventure,

My First Threesome

I was too shy to admit it to my boyfriends, even though people always assumed that it was every boy’s fantasy to have a threesome! Of course in my case, I wasn’t dreaming of doing it with two girls,

Live Show

After my retirement I found life a little difficult to adapt. Being one of the directors to a large engineering company had definitely given me the advantage of a large retirement fund,

A Wild Night

I’d been stuck at home all week as my car had broken down and was in the garage, and the cabin fever was kicking in.

Lady Luck

I really am very lucky. Lucky that I have sufficient charms and sufficient improvisation skills to impress…Lucky I was in London,

Fantasy Night

In order to fully impress upon you the amazing time you will have with a Mayfair escort, I think the only way will be to describe my night of sensual pleasure in elaborate detail.

Beauty & The Nerd

Top Gear just finished on TV and I started to feel quite bored. I readjusted my black framed glasses and turned on the computer.

First Love

It had always been my dream to direct and produce a short film that was strong, violent, romantic, controversial, abstract but realistic at the same time.

Party In The Castle

Once every month my husband and I would meet up with some of his friends for a social gathering in a big chateau in the country side.


After a string of self destructive relationships and constant obsessive masturbation, I began to realise that something was different about me.

Spice It Up

We got married in our early 20s and moved to London when Paul got a promotion through work. We had 3 kids and lived in a big house on the outer skirt of London.

Peeping Tam

My name’s Tamara, but you can call me Tam. I’ve been working as an incall escort for just over a year; I live in a plush apartment that’s decked out like a French boudoir, and I live with two girl friends.

The Insatiable Islington Escort

Sarah breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction every night before she went to sleep. It was so rare for someone to be completely content with their life; she earned enough money working as an Islington escort to keep her beautiful flat there, she had wonderful friends, an enviable wardrobe and a great sex life.

Fast Love On The Move

Katrina was a racy kind of girl. She loved an adventure and enjoyed living on the edge, breaking the rules… she suspected that was what lead her to London and her job as a cheap escort. She wasn’t in it for the money, but for the thrill and exciting of meeting someone new, where anything could happen.

Only In The Dark

Ted had never been very confident when it came to girls. He was an average looking guy with an average career and an average flat. He probably could have got a girlfriend if he tried, but he found it much easier to simply hire London escorts to come over instead; he got a thrill from having gorgeous girls in his company, the kind he never thought he’d be able to get in real life.

Dream Sensations

Carmen had the same dream almost every night. It was a dream that always made her wake up wet between the legs, with her pussy throbbing in a steady rhythm. Although she was a shy, quiet girl, in her dreams Carmen was confident and dominating, able to behave however she wanted. Sometimes when she got home from work she would go to bed straight away, willing sleep to find her more quickly so that she could escape into her dreams and become the girl she longed to be.

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