It was three years ago that I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. After a string of self destructive relationships and constant obsessive masturbation, I began to realise that something was different about me. I am insatiability personified, I can literally never get enough.

You might say that I’m very popular with the guys because I work as a cheap London escort. Not because I need the money, but because I crave the attention, the adoration and the male company. Just the sight or smell or a man drives me crazy. Actually, come to mention it, girls drive me wild too, I’m really not fussy! I’d become trapped in a cycle of one night stands and they never fulfilled me, I still wanted more. Even all the dates I get being a cheap escort aren’t enough. So last week, I decided to try something new.

My agency had recently started offering the services of couples escorts, Lucas and Sara; I’d met these guys – they were a couple in their late 20s, very attractive and very much in love. I took down their contact details on a post it, stashed it in my handbag and made my way home (no work tonight). I was planning to call them about 9pm but still had two hours to go. I’m so impatient! I’m so glad I live alone, nobody else would understand my hunger. I made a dash for the box under my bed and retrieved my rampant rabbit. I hadn’t used it in two whole days, impressed? Anyway, the vibrations soon got me going and as I crouched down in the corner with my knickers pulled to one side, i pushed the shaft right up inside me so that the little ‘ears’ could work on my clit. It only took me about 40 seconds to come, and I clawed at the wall with my head back and eyes tight shut. Sometimes I feel sorry for my neighbours, God knows how much they can hear.

I was going to need a cold shower to last until 9pm; first I made myself some pasta, then peeled of my damp clothes to clean myself up. As the water trickled over my naked body, I felt myself getting worked up again but knew I had to hold out for the couples escorts. It would be worth it.

Just as I’d hoped, Sara was well up for the idea. I’d planned it so that our schedules were both free of clients, and we’d have the whole evening to persue personal interests. Lucas didn’t need any persuading; don’t get the wrong idea by me being a cheap escort, I’m still hot. He wanted me. At 9.30pm, the doorbell rang and I almost tripped over myself with excitement! I tried to look cool as I showed them in and offered them a drink; red wine all round. Easy.

We chatted politely for a few minutes, then right in front of me Sara climbed over to straddle Lucas and kissed him hard on the mouth. I leant forward in my chair so I could subtly rub myself on the wooden frame. As my heart begun to beat faster and my breath quickened, a whimper escaped my lips. Sara’s ears pricked and she turned, beckoning me over to join them. She slid over to reveal the enormous bulge of Lucas’ cock through his jeans. I looked at her for approval, and on her nod I tore open the buttons and it was in my wet mouth within seconds. I sucked greedily and he pushed my head down making me gag slightly. I hadn’t noticed Sara move to behind me; now she pulled down my lace panties and ran her tongue in between my legs. As she flickered and massaged me, my body shuddered and as my juices wet her face and lips, I came intensely. My screams were muffled by Lucas’ throbbing cock still filling my mouth.

Three hours later, all of us had been fucked in every way possible. My exhausted body dripped with sweat as I lay entwined with Sara and Lucas, each of us panting and unable to speak.

That night I slept solidly, and dreamed of shopping. The first non sexual dream in years. I think this is the way forward! Maybe I don’t even need to be a cheap London escort anymore…