Spice it Up

My husband Paul and I had been married for over two decades. We were both from a small town in the North where people were expected to get married at young ages. We got married in our early 20s and moved to London when Paul got a promotion through work. We had 3 kids and lived in a big house on the outer skirt of London. Now the kids were all grown up and had moved out, Paul and I finally got to have some space to ourselves. We had always been very close, mentally, physically and sexually. However, as we had been together for so long since we were young, it could be hard sometimes to pick up the sparks again. We tried doing it in the shower, in the kitchen and even on the dining table, but I could feel that we needed something that was a bit more different and exciting. Paul and I had both fantasized about doing it with someone else, but would still feel the most comfortable with each other’s presence. That was when we turned to the excellent service of couple escorts.

We did the research together and found the perfect couple escorts Benoir and Juliette. Benoir was tall, tanned and muscular. He had longish brown hair and a cute butt, and most of all, he was French. I loved his accent. Juliette was the dream woman that Paul had always fantasized. She had bleached long blonde hair and big breasts. She also had tanned skin which made her blue eyes strikingly beautiful. She looked like one of those models on the magazine cover that even I wanted to eat her up, which could be part of the reason why I didn’t mind watching Paul in action with her. I remembered the first time Matt and Juliette came over to our house. We shared some wine in the living room together while the whole time I could see Benoir’s hand stroking up and down Juliette’s bare lap. She was wearing a tight little dress and her floral perfume scent filled up the whole space. As we chatted, I could feel the sexual tension getting larger between the young couple. So it came no surprise when Benoir started kissing Juliette and caressing her breast, she lifted her leg up to wrap around his waist and I could see that she didn’t wear any pants. Paul got quite turned on and came over to sit next to me and started kissing me as well. Juliette walked over, kneeled on the floor she took off Paul’s trousers to reveal his hard cock and captured it with her mouth. Without any time to think, Benoir had come over to me and unbuttoned my blouse. He started kissing my neck, I stretched my fingers into his long hair while he licked and played my nipples with his tongue. Paul quickly joined him and took off my skirt and started kissing my inner thighs. I thought he got quite jealous watching me with another man, and the thought made me so horny that my juice was running wild. I was in so much pleasure that I couldn’t make out what Juliette said when she made a little noise to get some attention. She had taken off her dress and was sitting on the other couch with her legs wide open, ready to receive her man. Benoir walked over and very soon they were both moaning with pleasure. Paul followed suit and entered me, he was so excited that his cock was so big and hard that made me come twice.

After Benoir and Juliette we had tried different couples, and each time we would make sure that I liked the girl and Paul liked the man too. The sexual tension formed when watching your husband or wife in action with someone else was unbelievable, and it had really spiced things up for us. The female escort usually had such a beautiful body that I secretly longed for, and I sometimes enjoyed touching and rubbing my body against hers. Also not to mention the best part was that I got to enjoy the young man too….