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Afghan Escorts

Afghanistan, while rich in history, is probably best known today as being America’s latest target for occupation. After disagreements between the Taliban government and the Bush administration about handing over Al-Quaieda leader Osama Bin Laden, there was some tension.

Albanian Escorts

Although known by most by its Latin name, the inhabitants of Albania refer to the country as Shqipëri. A Mediterranean country, found east of Italy’s heel, it has a continental climate, and its high altitude means it has hot summers and cold winters. Renowned for its luscious beaches, it is fast becoming a tourist hot spot.

Algerian Escorts

Being the eleventh largest country in the world means that there is a huge range of diverse people in this North African country. Ruled by the French between 1830 and 1958, it is now its own independent country. Although very poor by Western standards, it is by no means sub standard, offering universities, hospitals, and many other community buildings throughout the country.

Andorran Escorts

Your eyes have probably swept over Andorra a hundred time when looking at a map. It is a microscopic country located between France and Spain, and would require a sever strain of the eyes to notice it on a world map. The population weighs in at under 85,000 and tourism accounts for 85% of its GDP.

Angolan Escorts

While Angola might be the second largest producer of diamonds and petroleum anywhere in Africa below the Sahara, it also has one of the lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality rates in Africa, and indeed in the world.

Argentinean Escorts

Although it is the largest country in the Spanish speaking world, it is far less densely populated than Mexico, Spain or Columbia. Located in South America, Argentina sees many European tourists and immigrants arrive each year.

Australian Escorts

Australia. It’s like a warm, relaxed England. Indeed, it still bears the Union Jack in its flag, but it is becoming increasingly less British and developing an identity of its own. Although there are more people living inside the M25 circle than in the entire country, Australians are reputedly friendly and positive.

Austrian Escorts

Austria, a landlocked country of eight million people, is geographically mountainous owing to the fact that the Alps occupies a large portion of its territory. On the border between Eastern and Western Europe, this country encapsulates the best aspects of both. Well known throughout the years for its output of famed composers, artists and such, it shows no sign of ceasing this flow.

Armenian Escorts

Landlocked, mountainous, and on the fence between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Armenia, Armenia was the first country to secede Soviet reign in 1991, meaning the country is now independent. Although a comparatively small country, there are a fair number of Armenians living in London, and much to the joy and delight of native Londoners, many of these people have decided to become escorts, to give London a taste of what Armenian escorts are really like.

Bahamas Escorts

Not so much a country as a series of islands and islets, the plural implications of the name are wholly accurate. Located near and in the Caribbean, its relaxed pace of life is something of legend, and the images surrounding the area are of grass skirts, sandy beaches and sunny days.

Bahraini Escorts

Bahrain is a small island country located in the Persian Gulf. Well known for its exports of oil and pearls, it is a rich country considering its size, as its precious exports are worth so much. A monarchy, yet free of some of the constrictions that bind other Middle Eastern countries, this little island’s affluence is visible almost everywhere.

Bangladeshi Escorts

One of the most densely populated countries in the world, Bangladesh is not exactly a country you can swing a cat in. Suffering many monsoons and tornadoes means that this country has a feeling of climatic turmoil about it. But neither its overpopulation nor its savage climate can dent the feeling of culture in this country.

Barbadian Escorts

Although under British colonial rule for many years, and despite the fact that Elizabeth II is still the officially recognized head of state, Barbados has long thrown off the shackles of colonial rule and has its own culture and personality which is famed around the world. An island east of the Caribbean Sea, Barbados is still associated with the lilting lifestyle that so many associate with the Caribbean.

Batswana Escorts

Botswana gained independence in 1966, and although it was one of the most impoverished countries in Africa at the time, it has since grown to thrive, and now has one of the most successful economies on the continent. Since its independence, it has held fair democratic elections. More than fifty percent of its population are above the poverty line, and it looks set to continue to grow and thrive.

Belarusian Escorts

Belarus is a country found in the very eastern reaches of Europe. It is so far east that it is bordered by Russia, among other countries. There is a heavy dependence on agriculture, and over forty percent of the country is forest land, giving the place a very rural feel.

Belgian Escorts

Home to the Headquarters of the United Nations, it is clear that Belgium is an upstanding country that has made many global contributions throughout its history. Located in Western Europe, it is a comparatively small country sandwiched between France and Germany.

Bolivian Escorts

Bolivia is a country found in South America. It was part of the Inca empire before the Spanish went over and colonised it in the 16th century. Now it still retains its incredible geography, mountains, plains, but it has seen large cities like Santa Cruz spring up since colonization.

Bosnian And Herzegovinian Escorts

Although the previous decades have seen some awful political turmoil which resulted in a great many deaths, Bosnia and Herzegovina are fast shrugging off their dark pasts. A geographically pleasing country located in South East Europe, the difference between a Bosnian and a Herzegovinian is more regional than ethnical.

Brazilian Escorts

There are few countries as large as Brazil. Engulfing a huge portion of the South American continent, this vast country is home to many cultural and ethnical curiosities which are being imported all over the world as their popularity grows. Aside from exotic music, dance and foods, the escorts from Brazil are fast becoming one of the most popular exports of the country.

Bulgarian Escorts

Bulgaria is a country tucked into the Southern Eastern reaches of Europe. With plenty of mountain ranges running through it, Bulgaria is a country rich with beautiful landscapes. With its capital, Sofia, being a richly cultural and economically successful place, Bulgaria has a lot to offer to visitors and natives alike.

Cambodian Escorts

There are few countries with pasts so steeped in turmoil as Cambodia. After two decades of a savage regime lead by Pol Pot, reconstruction efforts are underway, and normality is returning to Cambodia. With a diverse religious history, reflected in the architecture, which means many residents are Hindus or Buddhists, Cambodia is certainly a place that embodies several ideals of the east.

Cameroonian Escorts

Despite having English and French as its official languages – results from the end of the First World War where Cameroon was divided as a mandate between the French and the English – Cameroon is a very diverse country. This diversity is owing to both its geographical diversity and its cultural diversity.

Canadian Escorts

Canada has, for the last few years, been desperately struggling to shake off the image of American Jr. And although it gets far less global attention than its boisterous neighbour, Canada is beginning to develop its own globally recognized identity that extends beyond associations with mounties and ice hockey.

Cape Verdean Escorts

Cape Verde is a little known group of islands off the west coast of North Africa. Uninhabited until the Portuguese colonized it in the 15th century, the country gained its independence in 1975. With a population of just over 500,000, it is a rare thing to meet a Cape Verdean outside of their native land.

Chilean Escorts

A competition for the strangest shaped country would see a fair few contenders. Countries shaped like boots, like elephant ears, and many other strange shapes would all have a shot at winning. Almost any country’s shape can be compared to some strange object or animal if the viewer looks at it for long enough.

Chinese Escorts

China is fast becoming the new global superpower. One of the main contributing factors to the world’s population doubling since the 1960s, it’s fair to say that China has a lot of manpower behind it. China has one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations, having archaeological evidence dating back over five thousand years.

Colombian Escorts

One of the northern most countries to be found in South America, Colombia shares a very similar history to the other countries sharing the continent. Indigenous people used to occupy this country until the 15th Century when the Spanish came across from Europe and colonized the living hell out of it.

Congolese Escorts

Like many African countries, both the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo have seen fairly tumultuous histories in recent times. Despite the two countries bordering each other, and the two sharing very similar histories, they now stand alone as two countries.

Costa Rican Escorts

Costa Rica is among the most developed countries among those in Latin America. Found a little to the north of the South American continent, it is ranked among the top countries for reducing carbon emissions, and is often portrayed as the greenest country on the planet.

Croatian Escorts

Until recently, Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, and only recent declared independence in 1991. Located in the South Eastern reaches of Europe, it is a country with varying climates and some beautiful geography, including crystal lakes that stretch on for miles.

Cuban Escorts

Found in the Caribbean, Cuba draws cultural influence from a diverse history featuring indigenous peoples, Spanish colonization, an introduction of African slaves, a close proximity to America and several other factors.

Cypriot Escorts

Cyprus is an island found in the Mediterranean. It’s the third largest island in the sea and has a huge capacity for attracting tourists. Having gained its independence from British sovereignty in 1960, it is an island with its own atmosphere and personality, and it is no surprise how many tourists visit each year.

Czech Escorts

Part of the larger country Czechoslovakia until 1989 when it peacefully dissolved into the two countries now known as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Czech Republic is an Eastern European country that has gained itself a place on the tourism map.

Danish Escorts

Often praised for its income equality, its desirable business climate (often cited as the best in the world), various surveys and such have deemed Denmark the happiest place in the world. Southernmost of the Nordic countries such as Norway and Scandinavia, Denmark is a country rich in history, featuring Vikings and battles and such.

Dominican Republic Escorts

The Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti in the Caribbean, and is the second largest Caribbean nation after Cuba. It shares a very similar history with other countries in the Caribbean and the Americas: It was inhabited by indigenous peoples for centuries before the Spanish came in the 15th century with colonization on their minds.

Ecuadorian Escorts

Ecuador is Spanish for equator. So it is little surprise that this South American country sits right at the top of the continent, right on the equator. It’s capitol city, Quito, has earned the title of best preserved and least altered historic centre in Latin America, and is one of the first UNESCO sights in the world.

Egyptian Escorts

Egypt, home to some romantically mysterious leftovers from previous generations, has captured the imaginations of thousands. Located in North Africa, this country is home to countless man made wonders such as the pyramids and various tombs of long dead Pharaohs.

El Salvadore Escorts

Like most countries Latin American countries, El Salvador’s history features centuries of occupation by its indigenous people, before the Spanish came along in the 15th century and colonised it. Gaining its independence in 1823, it has since developed its own personality, style and culture, and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination among people from all parts of the world.

Estonian Escorts

Despite being an Eastern European country, Estonia has more in common with Scandinavian countries than its fellow Eastern European countries. With a small stretch of sea separating it from Finland, the involvement in Scandinavian culture and folklore is far more than any non Scandinavian country.

Ethiopian Escorts

Allegedly the country where our species, Homo Sapiens, originated from, Ethiopia is a highly populated country in East Africa, very near the ‘Horn of Africa’ that juts out the eastern side of the continent. Although its economy is one of the fastest developing in Africa, it has only recently overcome an era of intense poverty which resulted in mass famines.

Fijian Escorts

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a lonesome island nation surrounded by miles of ocean in every direction. The nearest large landmass is Australia, but even this is a fair way away from Fiji.

Finnish Escorts

The most sparsely populated country in the EU, Finland is part of the Fennoscandian area of Europe, with Sweden and Norway (Scandinavia) to the west, Russia to the east, and Estonia to the south over a brief stretch of water.

French Escorts

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. The idealistic motto that France has donned, it translates into Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. One of the founding members of the European Union, France is a heavyweight European country – with the largest landmass behind Ukraine and Russia – which has produced some of the best literature and art in Europe.

Gambian Escorts

When most people think of African countries, they think of chunks of land cordoned off by miles of straight line, most likely by some European hand divvying up land on a map with a ruler and a pen (or perhaps a quill).

Georgian Escorts

This is not the same Georgia that Stuart Gorrell was talking about in his song “Georgia’s On My Mind”, made famous by Ray Charles. This Georgia has had a fairly tumultuous recent history, and is on the mind of many for entirely different reasons that the American state is on the mind of the person singing the song.

German Escorts

Although World War Two still remains in the collective memory of the world, it has faded enough to allow Germany to begin developing its own identity once more, rather than having it continued to be branded as ‘that country that started World War Two.’

Greek Escorts

Greece. The birthplace of the inventors of modern thought, Greece is generally accepted as the father of Western civilization. So many things that permeate everyday life in the West have their roots deep in ancient Greece: democracy, tragedy, comedy and drama, and Western philosophy to name but a few.

Grenadian Escorts

Grenada is a nation made up of the island of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea, as well as the six smaller islands that surround it. It shares a similar history to the other islands in the Caribbean, colonized by the Spanish and inhabited by slaves brought over from Africa. Today, Grenada has a lush geography and is surrounded by idyllic blue seas.

Guinean Escorts

Guinea is a country in West Africa, whose official language is French. A comparably small country, it still has plenty to offer in the way of culture and style. Often referred to as Guinea-Conakry – Conakry being the country’s capital city – to prevent confusion with the neighbouring country Guinea-Bissau, Guinea is still a very distinct country in its own right, with a rich history and culture.

Guatemalan Escorts

Just south of Mexico, you will find Guatemala. While its main spoken language is Spanish, there are over twenty two indigenous languages spoken, remnants from a time prior to the Spanish colonisations of the 15th Century. Still rife with plenty of ruins, it is a visually pleasing country that receives a fair percentage of its GDP from tourism each year.

Guyanese Escorts

A small country found in the very most northern reaches of South America, its name is thought to mean ‘Land of Many Waters’. Achieving its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966 means it has had the last few decades to properly develop its own identity and culture, and this is evident now to anyone who visits Guyana.

Haitian Escorts

Haiti was the very first nation to gain independence from the in Latin America, as well as the first black lead republic after a slave rebellion in 1804. Over the past few weeks, Haiti has been trying to recover from an immensely powerful earthquake that brought the country to its knees.

Hungarian Escorts

Situated in Eastern Europe, Hungary is a country with a rich culture. With Budapest, its capital city, a thriving hub of culture, it is little surprise that Hungary is one of the top fifteen countries in the world for tourists to visit. And considering the high quality escorts Hungary calls its own, this fact becomes even less of a surprise.

Icelander Escorts

Head North Northwest past the tip of Scotland, and after a large stretch of sea, you will come across Iceland. The population is mainly Scandinavian and Celtic is heritage, and two thirds of its entire population live in the capital city Reykjavik or its surrounding areas. Iceland suffered a massive blow under the pressure of the economic recession, and it resulted in riots.

Indonesian Escorts

Indonesia is a series of islands that are found in the Eastern reaches of the globe, north of Australia and south of the Orient. It is a huge country, made up of 17, 508 individual islands, and has a population of 230 million, making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

Iranian Escorts

Until 1935, Iran was known as Persia. It is the 18th largest country in the world, and can be found in the Middle East, neighbouring countries such as Armenia and Azerbaijan. It has a rich and cultural history and heritage, and has captured the imaginations of people around the globe.

Iraqi Escorts

Despite some huge amounts of political turmoil involving allegedly evil dictators and American invasions, Iraq is a country with a rich history and culture. Located in Western Asia, it is bordered by countries such as Turkey, and enjoys a pleasant climate for most of the year.

Irish Escorts

Ireland is an island west of England, made up in part by the Republic of Ireland, which covers five sixths of the island itself. The final sixth is made up of Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is a country rich in history and culture, and has captured the imaginations of many.

Israeli Escorts

Israel is a country famous for its biblical roots. It is mentioned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and one can only infer from this that it has been a very religious place throughout history. Bordering countries like Egypt, Israel can be found in Western Asia.

Italian Escorts

Italy is a country located in the centre of Europe, and appropriately, it was the centre of European civilization for a long time. Home to Rome, the civilization that ruled over much of the world for many years, as well as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy has had a huge impact on the western world, and although its influence has waned since, it is still widely regarded as the grandfather of Western culture.

Jamaican Escorts

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean. It is well known for its exports of food, music and lifestyle, and has come to be associated with many values that promote a laid back existence. A massive exporter of reggae music, reggae was said to have developed in Jamaica and the surrounding Caribbean islands.

Japanese Escorts

Japan is a country located in East Asia. It is commonly accepted as the most technologically advanced country in the world, which contrasts the mystical associations many people hold. Which a rich history and culture, notable artwork and profound philosophers and religious speakers, Japan is a diverse country. It is also home to the most populated city in the world, Tokyo.

Jordanian Escorts

Jordan is a country located in West Asia. Its current capital, Amman, became is capital in 1921. It is bordered by countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq, but has its own distinct style and culture. Historically rich, it has a population of over six million, giving it a feeling of diversity.

Kazakhstani Escorts

Despite the backwards, rural portrayal of Kazakhstan that Sacha Baron Cohen conjured with his fictional character Borat, Kazakhstan is a country filled with culture and history. It is the largest landlocked country in the world, and has some beautiful geographical features.

Kenyan Escorts

Kenya is a country in East Africa that has spent many years of its history under colonial rule. Although it has now gained its independence, there is still a colonial residue that permeates into many aspects of the country and culture.

North Korean Escorts

North Korea is a country located in East Asia. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the country, and it has been accused by several human rights groups as having one of the worst human rights levels in the world.

South Korean Escorts

Out of North Korea and South Korea, South Korea seems to be the more ‘advanced’ one. Its economy is thriving compared to its northern counterpart, and it is a genuine democracy, despite the fact that North Korea is officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a hugely misleading title) and South Korea is official the Republic of Korea.

Kosovar Escorts

Kosovo is a very small country located in the Balkans, in far Eastern Europe. It has seen a fairly tumultuous history and the effects of this history are still being felt today. This might make for less tourism, but the native inhabitants of Kosovo are still graced by its geographical beauty.

Kuwaiti Escorts

Kuwait is a small country in West Asia. But do not be fooled by its size, as it is the eleventh richest country in the world, and the highest human development index in the Arab world. Its name derives from ‘akwat’ which is the plural of ‘kout’, the Arabic word for a fortress constructed near water, little surprise as it borders the northern side of the Persian Gulf.

Latvian Escorts

With a population of 2.4 million, Lativia is one of the least populated countries in the European Union. Located in Eastern Europe, south of Estonia, it is a country with a comparatively cold climate.

Lebanese Escorts

Lebanon is a small country which gained its independence from France in 1943. It had a fairly stable history until the civil war which lasted from 1970 until 1990. After that, it began rebuilding, and was doing very well for itself, attracting many tourists until the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah resulted in the death of many civilians.

Liberian Escorts

Located in Eastern Africa, right on the coast, Liberia is a small country which finds itself most populated around the coast, residents leaving the inland to forests and such. Liberia has a history quite different from most African countries.

Liechtensteiner Escorts

More a ‘microstate’ than a country, it’s very likely that you won’t notice Liechtenstein on a map unless you happen to be scanning said map with a magnifying glass. Weighing in at 61.7 square miles, it is the smallest German speaking country in the world.

Lithuanian Escorts

Lithuania is a Northern European country, the northernmost of the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Lithuania, along with the other two Baltic States, gained independence after centuries of foreign dominance in the wake of World War One.

Libyan Escorts

Libya is a country located in North Africa. Despite its huge proportions (ranking seventeenth largest country in the world), it has a fairly low population. But owing the large amount of petroleum found within its borders, Libya has the highest Human Development Index rating in all of Africa.

Luxembourger Escorts

Luxembourg is one of the only countries left in the world which is ruled by a Grand Duke, making it officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This country is very small in size, located in Western Europe between Belgium, France and Germany.

Macedonian Escorts

In 1944, Macedonia was but a state in Yugoslavia. However, it gained its independence in 1991 when it peacefully seceded from Yugoslavia. Although it remained fairly peaceful throughout the early 1990s while the Yugoslav Wars were occurring, it felt the effects of the Kosovo Wars in the 1990s when 360,000 Albanian refugees fled Kosovo and took refuge in Macedonia.

Malagasy Escorts

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, 5% of the world’s plant and animal population resides on this island. 80% of the animals that live in Madagascar are endemic to the island, meaning they are found nowhere else on the planet, making Madagascar an interesting experience for animal lovers.

Malawian Escorts

Despite having good relations with more developed countries of the west, as well as a military force which includes a navy and an air wing, Malawi is one of the least developed countries in Africa. Located in South East Africa, it is a largely agricultural country with a low GDP, relying heavily on aid from other countries to survive.

Malaysian Escorts

Malaysia is a country made up of several individual islands in South East Asia. Although it was made up of several smaller colonies under British influence for many years, in 1963 these colonies were unified and the Malaysia we know today was born.

Maldivian Escorts

The Maldives is a country in the Indian Ocean split between 1,192 islands, islets and atolls, making it one of the most disparate countries in the world. Out of the thousand or so islets, a mere two hundred are inhabited by people.

Malian Escorts

Mali is a North African country shaped somewhat like an over enthusiastic Tetris piece. It is considered one of the poorest nations in the world, and over half the population lives below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day. Despite the country’s immense poverty, it still retains its own style and culture, and its rich history can be felt throughout the country.

Maltese Escorts

Malta is a country in Southern Europe which is made up of a group of archipelagos located in the Mediterranean Sea. Home to some fairly rich history, it houses some of the oldest freestanding structures in Europe – the Megalithic Temples.

Mauritian Escorts

Mauritius is a country made up of several tiny islands off the coast of East Africa. Located about 900km east of Madagascar, Mauritius was once home to the famous extinct bird, the dodo, which disappeared from existence a mere eighty years after settlers first appeared.

Mexican Escorts

Mexico was a country rife with intriguing civilization before the Spanish colonized it in the 16th Century. Nowadays it is well known for its citizens’ positive outlook on life and various native dishes. It gained its independence in 1821, and has since developed its own culture and personality.

Micronesian Escorts

The Federated States of Micronesia is a country made up of 607 small islands in the Pacific Ocean. It has been owned by Germany, Portugal, Japan and the USA throughout its recent history, but the lengthier reaches of its history have seen many more changes.

Moldovan Escorts

Moldova is a lesser known country located in Eastern Europe, east of Romania and south of the Ukraine. Gaining its independence in 1991 after much historic turmoil involving the Soviet Union, Moldova has since joined the United Nations, and steps are being taken by fellow European nations to alleviate it from its current state of poverty.

Monacan Escorts

Monaco is a tiny sovereign state found in Western Europe. A mere 2km wide, with a population of just 33,000, it is seen as a tax haven, and a large percentage of its population are wealthy foreigners come to take advantage of its economic climate. It borders the Mediterranean sea, and much of its border runs along the coast.

Mongolian Escorts

Mongolia is a deeply landlocked country in Asia. Although it was once home to fearsome warriors and such, it is nowadays a parliamentary republic. It’s capital is Ulan Bator, home to about 38% of the country’s entire population. It is mountainous, and often the climate can be unpleasantly cold.

Moroccan Escorts

Morocco is a country which can be found in North Africa. It is on the actual North African coast, and on a clear day, you can see across the sea into Spain. It has a gorgeous geography of low rolling mountains in the North, and a little more desert in the South.

Mozambican Escorts

Since gaining its independence in 1975, Mozambique has seen some severe civil wars occurring within its borders. It has one of the lowest Human Development Indexes in the world, has a low life expectancy and very poor inhabitants.

Myanmarese Escorts

Myanmar is the largest country in Indochina. It is currently controlled by its military, and in 1989 they decided that the country should change its name to Myanmar. Although officially recognized by some, many countries still refer to this country as Burma.

Namibian Escorts

Suffering from massive poverty, Namibia is the second least densely populated country and the world, a large portion of the country being taken up by the Namib desert, the namesake of the country.

Netherlands Escorts

The Netherlands, or Holland as it is referred to as by some (although North and South Holland are but two of twelve providences in the Netherlands), is a European country located west of Germany. It is well known for its liberal approaches to areas that other countries mummify in red tape, and its capital, Amsterdam, is a haven for foreigners wanting to indulge in such areas who have not had the opportunity to do so in their own country.

Nepalese Escorts

Nepal is the latest country to become a republic in the world. Proud owner of eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, Nepal is certainly a country with some interesting geography. It is also diverse in its religions and cultures. Hinduism is the most popular religions, but Nepal being home to the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama, there is a large Buddhist presence too.

New Zealander Escorts

New Zealand is a country right on the edge of a typical map. Located south west of Australia, this country is sparsely populated, and much of it is still uninhabited. Home to some beautiful geography, beautiful enough to warrant the filming of the Lord of The Rings movie series there, it is a country that scores highly in almost every way.

Nigerian Escorts

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populated country in the world. Found in North West Africa, Nigeria is a country which has a very prosperous economy compared to some of the other countries in Africa. It has showed huge growth of economy in recent years, and it has the second largest economy out of all the countries in Africa.

Norwegian Escorts

Norway is the wealthiest country in the world in terms of monetary value. After rapid expansion and major advancements following World War Two, Norway’s economy grew vastly. Located in North West Europe, Norway is also well known for its cold climate and beautiful geography. Famous for its fjords (steep sided inlets from the sea created by glacial activity) as well as its interesting folklore, Norway is a country with a strong identity.

Omani Escorts

Located in Southwest Asia, this particular Arabic country is one of the more affluent. Well loved by tourists for its golden beaches and beautiful scenery, Oman owes a large portion of its GDP to tourism. With a rich history and a diverse culture, Oman is a country with a strong national identity.

Pakistani Escorts

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. This country has the second largest Muslim population in the world. It has a rich history involving proprietorship by the British and a gaining of independence. The country is also well known for its fine cuisine.

Palauan Escorts

Palau is made up of a collection of islands east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. With many islands resembling tropical paradises, it is a country with increasing tourism. Having come into existence as Palau in 1994, it is one of the world’s smallest and youngest sovereign states.

Panamanian Escorts

Panama is a country located in Central America. It is the southernmost country in Central and North America, bordered by Costa Rica to the North East and Columbia (the northernmost country in South America) to the south. It has a fast growing economy, and is one of the most prosperous countries in Central America.

Paraguayan Escorts

Paraguay can be found right in the centre of the South American continent. It is a country with a diverse culture and rich history. Its geography is some of the most interesting in the world, and it attracts a fair amount of tourists each year.

Papua New Guinean Escorts

Papua New Guinea is a country located in Oceania. The main bulk of the country’s land mass consists of the eastern half of the New Guinea island. Although it gained its independence from Australia in 1975, it is still a realm of Queen Elizabeth II.

Filipino Escorts

The Philippines is a collection of large islands and islets located in the Pacific Ocean. A large, highly populated country in South Asia, the Philippines is well known for its diverse culture and rich history, and with a population of ninety two million, it is the twelfth most populated country in the world.

Peruvian Escorts

Peru is a country which can be found in South America. Well known for its diverse geography and its equally diverse history and culture, it shares a similar story of Spanish colonization that many other countries in South America have.

Polish Escorts

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. With a rich history and a diverse country, it is a country with a very strong national identity. Polish people are notoriously industrious, and their country’s many achievements reflect this fact well. The escorts from Poland are as industrious as their reputation makes them out to be, and they will work long and hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Portuguese Escorts

Portugal can be found in the farthest western reaches of Europe, with Spain to the north and east, the rest of the country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is a country which can boast a rich and diverse history, and a culture that is so appealing that it draws many tourists to the country every year. The escorts Portugal offers are another reason for high amounts of tourism. Sexy, stunning, seductive, for those who have been lucky enough to spend time with one before, it is little surprise that people travel from half way round the world just to spend a night or two in the company of these gorgeous girls.

Qatari Escorts

Qatar is an island country in the Persian Gulf. It has the highest GDP per capita in the world, probably owing to its huge amount of oil and gas reserves. Qatar is a monarchy ruled by a single family since the 1800s. It has a rich and diverse culture, a high standard of living, and a genuine sense of national identity. The escorts from Qatar are some of the finest you are ever likely to set eyes on.

Romanian Escorts

Although associated by many with gypsies and nomads, Romania is actually a country with a pleasant cultural climate. Located in South East Europe, it has been going from strength to strength. Attracting an increasing number of tourists every year, Romania also has some beautiful geography. Romanian escorts are some of the most attractive women in Romania, in Europe, and perhaps even the world.

Russian Escorts

Russia is the largest country in the world. Because of this, it is difficult to specify exactly where it is. Some of it is in Eastern Europe, some in Western and Central Asia. Because of its immense size, it has many different climates and several different cultures. People in Eastern Russia might as well be living in a different country to those living in Western Russia.

Rwandan Escorts

Rwanda is a comparatively small country located in Central Africa. Bordering some of Africa’s greatest lakes, it owes a large percentage of its GDP to tourism, as many come to visit the lakes and many to see its rare wildlife. The country’s recent history is fraught with turmoil, but it is slowly gaining stability. The escorts from Rwanda are another cause of the country’s large amount of tourism. Sexy, stunning and seductive, these girls are highly sought after in their own country

Saint Lucian Escorts

Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea. After changing hands many times between colonial powers, it finally managed to gain its independence in 1979, and has since developed its own sense of identity which perfectly reflects the gorgeous geography and pleasant climate. The escorts from Saint Lucia also reflect these aspects of their country. Stunning to behold, there are many that would argue that these girls are the most attractive in the world.

Samoan Escorts

Samoa is a country made up of several islands. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia. Many indigenous Samoans still call the country home, and because of this, it retains a strong sense of national and cultural identity. Home to some beautiful geography, the islands see many tourists visiting every year. Samoan escorts might be one of the reasons for the huge influx of tourists.

Saudi Arabian Escorts

Saudi Arabia is a country found in the Middle East. The largest country in the Middle East by far, Saudi Arabia is well known for its growing economy based on huge petroleum exports. It has a rich history, diverse culture and some interesting geography. Saudi escorts are among some of the most incredible you are ever likely to meet. Sexy, stunning, seductive, their positive traits go on and on.

Senegalese Escorts

Senegal is a predominantly French speaking country in North West Africa which is well known for its extreme climates. For half the year, the weather is arid and dry, and for the other half, gallons upon gallons of rain fall from the sky. Senegalese escorts are becoming more and more common in the UK. And this fact has been met by UK residents with great enthusiasm. This is because the escorts from Senegal are among the sexiest, most stunning and most seductive in the world.

Serbian Escorts

Serbia is a country located in Southeast Europe. Its capital, Belgrade, sees many tourists passing through each year. It is one of the largest cities out of all the immediately surrounding countries. Serbia has a rich and diverse culture formed after a long and interesting history. The escorts Serbia has to offer are among some of the most gorgeous you are ever likely to lay eyes upon. Sexy, seductive, flirtatious, they are truly one of their home country’s most appealing aspects.

Seychellois Escorts

Seychelles is an archipelago nation of small islands located to the North of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa. Officially an African state, Seychelles has the smallest population of any of its fellow African states. Geographically impressive owing to its make up of small islands, Seychelles sees a fair few tourists visiting, despite its small population.

Sierra Leonean Escorts

Sierra Leone is a small country located in Northwest Africa. Well known for its huge amount of precious minerals such as diamonds, it is a country which has suffered from political and social turmoil. However, despite these sufferings, it is a country which proudly boasts some beautiful geography and a rich history. The escorts from Sierra Leone are another boast-worthy aspect of the country.

Singaporean Escorts

Singapore is found in Southeast Asia, and is the smallest country in the area. Considered a microstate, Singapore’s landmass weighs in at a hefty 710.2 km2. Despite its size, Singapore has a booming economy and sees a vast amount of tourists passing through its borders every year. These tourists may come to see the sights and sounds of the nation, but many come to Singapore to sample the delights of its legendary escorts.

Slovakian Escorts

Slovakia as we know it today has only been a country since 1993, after a peaceful dissolution from the Czech Republic. Although recognized officially as a comparatively young country, it has a rich history and a diverse culture which combined give it a strong sense of national identity, despite its young age. The escorts from Slovakia are some of the most incredible you will ever have the pleasure of spending time with.

Slovenian Escorts

Slovenia is a Slavic country bordered by Italy and Austria, among others. It also borders the Mediterranean Sea, and includes a small section of the Alps in it. This means it has some hugely varied geography within its borders. It is also the richest Slavic nation of them all. Slovene escorts are some of the most gorgeous you will ever have the fortune to lay eyes on.

Somali Escorts

Despite a few recent news stories giving Somalia associations with modern day pirates, Somalia is actually a country with a rich history and diverse culture. Despite being located on the continent of Africa, it is a member of the Arab League, and has been since 1974. The escorts Somalia offers are some of the most gorgeous, stunning escorts in the world. For a long time, they were a well kept secret, and their company was enjoyed only by fellow Somalis.

South African Escorts

Although South Africa has been inhabited by various humans for over 100,000 years, it was only from the 16th century onwards that it started taking the shape of the South Africa we know today. Inhabited by European farmers called Boers for many centuries, the discovery of gold and diamonds sparked the Anglo-Boer war, which the British won. South Africa has a shameful history of racial segregation, the apartheid still being fresh in the memories of many citizens.

Spanish Escorts

Spain is a country located in South West Europe. Throughout its history, Spain has been an important country, having a massive impact on many other countries during the 16th century when it colonized much of the Americas. It has a strong identity and a diverse culture which makes it a hugely popular tourist destination, especially fellow Western Europeans. Spaniard escorts are a fine set of girls. Sexy and seductive, these girls are some of the most highly sought after exports from the country.

Swiss Escorts

Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe. It is well known for its very mountainous geography and its neutrality in political affairs. Many tourists come each year to spend time skiing or simply enjoying the mountains and the sights they provide. Switzerland has an interesting history filled with many different occurrences which have helped shaped the country as it is today. The escorts from Switzerland are some of the most incredible girls you are ever likely to meet. Gorgeous, seductive, flirtatious, their list of appealing traits stretches on.

Sri Lankan Escorts

Sri Lanka is an island nation located off the tip of India, is Asia. It is a country with a rich history, and a culture both proud and diverse. Many tourists visit the country each year, drawn by the agreeable climate, beautiful geography and various other attractions. Sri Lankan escorts embody that smouldering Asian beauty that has won them so many loyal clients in their home country.

Sudanese Escorts

Sudan is a country located in North East Africa. It is the largest country in Africa, and the tenth largest in the world. Despite some impressive economic growth and some of the most ancient traces of human civilization yet discovered, Sudan has experience some unpleasant political turmoil in recent years, involving a great many deaths. Despite this, Sudan boasts some of the most incredible escorts available today.

Swazi Escorts

Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It has a rich history, but it is plagued by certain epidemics and such. Despite this, the country is still home to some beautiful African geography, and some incredible sections of mountain range call Swaziland home. Swazi escorts are as stunning as the geography of their home country. Sexy, seductive and flirtatious, these girls are well known and loved in their home country.

Swedish Escorts

Sweden is a country located in Scandinavia, in Northern Europe. With a rich history and a diverse culture, it attracts many tourists to it each year. Home to some notoriously beautiful geography, To some, Sweden’s cold, snowy climate is its appeal. Swedish women are notoriously attractive. Typically blonde haired, blue eyed and tall, they have been the fantasy of many a man. The same goes for Swedish escorts.

Syrian Escorts

Syria is a country located in Western Asia. Its capital, Damascus, is widely considered one of the oldest inhabited countries on the globe, meaning the country is steeped in ancient history which attracts countless numbers of tourists to it each year. With a small percentage of its border touching the Mediterranean Sea, there are plenty of other reasons that so many tourists come each year too.

Taiwanese Escorts

Although officially a section of the Republic of China, Taiwan is considered by many a nation in itself, complete with its own sense of national identity, its own history and its own culture. Taiwan is an island located east of China, and was under Dutch rule for many years. Taiwanese escorts are some of the most incredible the world has to offer today. Sexy, seductive, alluring, few can resist their charms.

Tanzanian Escorts

Tanzania is a country which can be found in Eastern Africa. Sharing a similar story of colonization with many other countries in Africa, Tanzania still managed to retain a sense of national identity when it was under the control of other countries. It has a rich history and a diverse culture which attracts many different tourists each year. Tanzanian escorts are some of the finest you are likely to find in Africa, and perhaps even in the world.

Thai Escorts

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. Well known for its incredible appeal as a tourist location, it has seen an increase in economy as of late. With a rich history and a culture diverse enough to keep tourists coming back time and again, it is a country with a strong sense of national pride and national identity. The escorts from Thailand are among some of the most incredible you are ever likely to meet. Sexy, stunning and seductive, these girls are certainly one of the reasons that tourism is so popular in Thailand.

Tongan Escorts

Tonga is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of countless tiny islands and islets. It has a history which is rich with interesting people and occurrences, and a culture which is diverse enough to attract an impressive number of tourists year after year. Tongan escorts are among some of the finest you are ever likely to lay eyes on. Sexy, seductive, attractive beyond all belief, it comes as no surprise to discover that these girls are incredibly popular in their home country, and have been a source of incredible joy to countless fellow Tongans throughout the ages.

Trinidadian And Tobagonian Escorts

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands in the Caribbean which form the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The two islands have a tremendous sense of national pride, and are well known for their beautiful beaches which see many tourists come from far and wide to visit. The country has a diverse culture which further enforces a sense of national pride. Another source of this pride is the escorts Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. Incredibly well known for their equally incredible good looks, charm and flirtatious natures, these girls are well known and loved by most escort enthusiasts from their home country.

Tunisian Escorts

Tunisia is a country located in North Africa, on the coast. It is located on the Atlas Mountain range, meaning that its geography is very mountainous and varied. With these mountains comes a great geographical beauty which attracts many tourists year after year. Many tourists are also attracted by the escorts from Tunisia. These girls are some of the most physically attractive you are ever likely to set eyes on, and are also incredibly flirtatious as well.

Turkish Escorts

Turkey is a country which stretches across the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. This means that it has an incredibly diverse culture, and it also means that should tourists decide to visit, they can expect an experience both European and Asian. Turkish escorts are among some of the most stunning, attractive and curvaceous the world has to offer. Enjoyed by many in their home country, the escorts Turkey offers are becoming more and more numerous in the UK, much to the delight of escort enthusiasts across the country.

American Escorts

America is arguably the most prominent country in the world at the moment. Few countries so fully involve themselves in the goings on of other countries to the degree that America does. After pilgrims claimed the land after issues with the natives in the 16th century, America has since gone on to become one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. The escorts from the United States are some of the finest, sexiest escorts you are ever likely to lay eyes upon. Incredible to behold, they are also intensely flirtatious.

Emirian Escorts

The United Arab Emirates is a nation made up of seven smaller emirates in Southwest Asia. The United Arab Emirates has a stable economy and some beautiful geography, meaning it is one of the more popular Arabic countries for tourism. The escorts from the United Arab Emirates are incredibly popular in their home country. They encapsulate that typical Asian beauty well, and therefore are also hugely popular among UK escort enthusiasts.

Uk Escorts

The United Kingdom is a collection of countries which include Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. Each individual country has its own rich history, and very often some countries are reluctant to be lumped together with others under the umbrella of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is located in Western Europe. The escorts from the United Kingdom are some of the most incredibly stunning you will ever have the privilege of spending time with.

Ukrainian Escorts

Ukraine is a country in the furthest eastern reaches of Europe. It has a rich history and a diverse culture, and sees many tourists travelling from all over the world to visit it. Ukraine also boasts some incredibly lush and beautiful geography, which is another reason for its booming tourism trade. The escorts from Ukraine are some of the most stunning, gorgeous escorts you will ever set eyes on. Well known for their Eastern European beauty, these girls have been the delight of many a Ukrainian throughout the years.

Ugandan Escorts

Uganda is a country located in Africa. Despite living on a comparatively poor continent, it is still among the poorest countries in Africa, and is suffering from a severe food crisis. However it is also home to some beautiful geography and interesting culture, and despite its severe degree of poverty, it still sees a fair few tourists passing through its borders each year. The escorts Uganda offers are a huge contributing factor to this surge of tourism. These girls are notoriously attractive, and have been the delight and joy of many a native Ugandan.

Uruguayan Escorts

Uruguay is a small country in South America. One third of its population lives in the capital of Montevideo. Most of the economy of Uruguay is based on agriculture and farming. It shares a similar history to many other South American countries, a history involving Spanish colonization. An estimated eighty eight percent of its inhabitants are thought to be of European descent. The escorts from Uruguay are some of the finest you are ever likely to spend time with. Seductive and flirtatious, these girls promise all their clients memorable times.

Venezuelan Escorts

Venezuela is a country which can be found in the northernmost reaches of South America. After gaining its independence from Spain in 1821, it has since gone on to develop its own national identity, based on a rich history and a diverse culture. With some incredible geography to behold, Venezuela sees many tourists visiting each year. Venezuelan escorts are among some of the most exquisite you will ever have the privilege of laying eyes upon.

Vietnamese Escorts

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia. With a culture incredibly diverse and a history rich with ancient temples and artefacts, as well as contemporary elements, it is little surprise that Vietnam sees plenty of people coming to visit it each year. The escorts Vietnam has to offer are some of the most incredibly stunning you will ever have the pleasure of spending time with. Sexy, stunning, seductive, and very, very flirtatious, these girls are well known and loved in their home country.

Yemenite Escorts

Yemen is a country located in Southwest Asia. It has a rich history and a diverse culture, and some incredible geography. One amazing thing about this country is that although it is located in Southwest Asia, it is a mere matter of metres away from Africa. At Yemen’s most westerly tip, you can see across the sea into another continent, into the African country Oman. Yemeni escorts are incredible in many different ways. Some prefer them for incredible good looks, others for their delightfully flirtatious natures.

Zambian Escorts

Zambia is a country in Africa which is well known for its rich history and its diverse culture. A genuine sense of national pride emanates from this country, and it is well known for having some incredibly beautiful stretches of land. The escorts from Zambia are among some of the most attractive in the world. On top of this, they are also well known for their flirtatiousness and their charm.

Zimbabwean Escorts

Zimbabwe is a country located in Southern Africa. It has experienced some fairly intense political turmoil in recent years, and has been the focus of much international media attention. Despite such sufferings of turmoil, it is still well known for its rich history and its diverse culture, as well as proudly boasting some of the world’s most beautiful geography. The escorts from Zimbabwe are among some of the most intensely attractive girls you are ever likely to meet.