Escorts Girl

Bobbie and I connected on a level that I had never thought I would with a London Escorts girl.

I remember the first time I met her, it was completely unplanned- but as people say, great things happen when you least expect it. It was another windy winter night in London. I was feeling exhausted from the deadline at work. The stress level was so high that I felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I quickly walked out of the office at 11pm, a sense of loneliness washed over me. It was too late to call any of my mates for a beer, and I was not prepared to go to the bar on my own. Luckily I had kept the number of this London Escorts service that a friend of mine highly recommended and semi-forced me to store in my Blackberry. I thought it was a bit of a laugh at the time, but who would have thought it actually came as a great surprise when I remembered I had the number stored in my phone!

So this was how I met Bobbie. She arrived a lot sooner than I expected. I saw her as soon as she walked in. I was sitting near by the entrance at the bar, sipping on my whiskey on the rocks while watching all the women coming through the door- but one woman in particular caught my full attention. She had long brown hair with blond highlights and big green eyes. She took my breath away when she took off her coat and revealed the backless figure hugging black dress underneath. She was looking so elegant and sexy at the same time. Her short dressed revealed even more of her long legs when she sat down next to me, and I could see her flawless skin on her thighs while she stroke her red heels subtly against my leg when we chatted away. It was flirtatious and intimate. We clicked straight away. She asked me about work for a little while, but all of a sudden work didn’t seem as dull and stressful anymore. We also talked about travelling and friends, and funny jokes. She was a very smart girl, and we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. It was very enjoyable to have someone so easy to chat to and at the same time so pleasant to the eyes.

I couldn’t believe what a beautiful smile Bobbie had. After a bottle of pink champagne and a few cocktails, I decided to stay at the deluxe hotel room upstairs like I sometimes do when I get off at work too late and can’t be bothered to go home. Only this time, I had invited Bobbie to stay at the room with me. She wrapped her hand softly around my arm when we took the lift to go upstairs. The whole atmosphere was so sweet and tender. The room was very spacious, I dimmed the light and put on the music while we danced into the bathroom. We jumped into the shower together while the music played softly in the background. The steam in the bathroom accentuated the desire in the air. Her body was so warm and wet and it was pressed against mine as I felt my heart thumping in my chest. I loved the scent of her hair and the taste of her silky soft skin, I kissed her all over, she was delicious.

She ran her fingers all over my body which sent an unbelievable tingling up my spine. Her hands did magical things, and she was so tender and skilful that I was soon in an intensity of pleasure. I couldn’t work out whether it was the sweat or water, we were both wet and puffing. Bobbie stared into my eyes, smiling. I stroke her hair and smiled back.

I slept very well that night, feeling stress free and happy. London Escorts had helped me find the right companionship and fulfilled all the needs and desire that I had ignored for too long.