Ev Restaurant

f you fancy a change from the traditional French-Italian-Asian restaurants that are the usual venues for romantic late-night dinners, why not try dining Turkish?

Hidden down a serene Southwark street lies the not-so-romantically-named “Ev” restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the unimpressive name, however, for Ev is a true Turkish delight! A veritable forest of tropical flowers and plants greet you in the restaurant’s outdoor alfresco area, creating an open, organic feel to the restaurant before you even step inside. Lightly-colored tiled floors, domed ceilings, and wooden beams adorned with flowing green vines add “Mediterranean” to the restaurant’s outdoor atmosphere. With the tasteful décor complemented by the sea-like Southwark air, you and your escort will feel like you’re dining in a summer island in the clear blue-watered Mediterranean..

The dishes on offer are satisfying, to say the least. Try the home-made pasta dish Zebzeli Eriste, consisting of pasta, spinach, chickpeas, and sweet peppers. Or, for a more meaty choice, the Nohutlu Tavuk – chicken breast in rice, served with tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas, and peppers. Those are just two examples – dozens of other dishes to play on you and your escorts’ taste buds!

As for beverages, wine bottles range from 13.00 to 40.00, while cocktails and fruit juices range from 5.00 to 9.00.

Great food in a serene Mediterranean setting, Ev’s food and atmosphere will give you and your escort a romantic experience that you will not easily forget.

The Arches, 97-99 Isabella Street, Southwark,
London, SE1 8DA
(020) 7620 6191