High Timber

An airy restaurant with an open and fresh feel to it, High Timber is located towards the top of the Millenium Bridge, giving perfect views of the river, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Tate Modern. Indeed, High Timber is the perfect place to come to after either a night at the artsy south bank or razzle-dazzle west end. The lights of the Thames at night create a magical atmosphere only possible in metropolises like London.

Not a particularly good venue for vegetarians, High timber serves a modern European palate, but with an emphasis on meats and grills. Despite being a bit pricey, the food is well worth the expense. Tender Anglaise chicken, Cote de Boeuf, Sirloin…All the meats you could wish for, all cooked to perfection.

Side-dishes are of exceptional quality – Cherry tomatoes on the vine, flour-light chips served in little baskets, and hand-made onion rings surrounding clumps of watercress, all served elegantly on a large wooden tray.

As for drinks, High Timber’s staggering selection of 40,000 bottles, ranging from 4.50 to 11 for glasses, and 17 to 175 for bottles. Champagnes are also available – 9.00 a glass, or 50 a bottle.

Great food in a great location, High Timber provides the perfect relaxed environment to treat your escort to a dinner of true class and style.

8 High Timber,



(020) 7248 1777