Islington is an inner city district in London, it grew as a sprawling village along the line of the Great North Road and has provided the name of the modern borough. Some confusion arose from this as many neighbouring districts are also classed as Islington.

History shows islington to be a popular residence for the wealthy and prestigious and is still very much that way today.

In 1862, the Royal Agricultural Hall was built on the site of William Dixon’s Cattle Layers on Liverpool Road.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Islington was known as a place for growing vegetables to feed London, this was due to the hill on which Islington stands, supplying the City of London with fresh water through wooden pipes from the springs that lay at Finsbury.

Later, in the 18th century, the area best became known for it’s fireworks dislays, billiards , music and dancing. Music halls were later established around Islington Green.

Still today it is top of the list for a great night on the town, comprising some of the best bars and widely being known for its many London escorts who operate in and around the district.

Islington is home to large well-built houses and contemporary squares, attracting clerks, artisans and professionals to the area and permeating the most desirable Islington escorts in today’s society.

Overall Islington is all about the funky vibe and the people there, although generally wealthy, are not seen to be pretentious and the area offers nothing but a fantastic time. Many men here enjoy entertaining Islington escorts and they are never short of places to go.