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The historic location of Knightsbridge is well known for its incredible wealth and affluence. You can hardly go 5 minutes in the area without seeing a Mulberry or being amazed by vastly expensive designer outfit, so it’s hardly surprising that the area very much caters to its rich clientele. The wealthy find this place to be their absolute heaven, with many willing to splash some serious, serious cash there in order to get the big brands. There are few places in all of London that are quite so revered when it comes to luxury.

Of course, as any man who has seen a Knightsbridge escort will no doubt tell you, with high quality comes big costs. Seriously big costs as it turns out: many of the products available there are far beyond the reach of a normal person. For years it’s been this way, and it shows little sign of changing soon. Many have departed from the hallowed halls of its department stores disappointed, blown away by price tags that would make even the wealthiest oligarch frown.

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