L’entrenger Restaurant

Located in Gloucester Road, one of the poshest districts in London, L’entrenger is an upscale French restaurant that practically oozes upper-class appeal.

The decoration is subdued and dark, complemented by thick, substantial wooden chairs and tables. Vases of vivid purple orchids grace every table, and mother-of-pearl seashells act as chopstick-holders. Huge windows onto Gloucester Road fill the restaurant with romantic starlight. Added to therestaurant’s impressive wine list, the restaurant’s atmosphere of French sophistication is sure to make an impression on you and your escort.

Despite the restaurant’s external “Frenchness”, the menu contains many treats with distinctly Asian, particularly Japanese flairs. Traditional French dishes such as wild rabbit and foie gras, share the menu with Japanese delicacies such as Black Cod with miso, and side-dishes of sushi rice and yuzu jelly.

If the French-Asian menu is impressive, however, the sheer size of L’etranger’s wine cellar is staggering. With a 42-page wine list of bottles ranging from 20 to 400, and bottles from practically every wine-producing nation from Turkey to Slovenia, to (obviously) France. If you want to pamper your escort, L’entrenger is the place to go for a classy and romantic night out.

36 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4QT