Limehouse Escorts

Deriving its name from the local limekilns that used to reside by the river, Limehouse is located in the north east reaches of London. The Limehouse Basin docks give the entire area a very maritime flavour. Although not quite as significant a port as it was in medieval times, Limehouse Basin is still on the maritime map.

Although there are no tube stations in the immediate area, a short walk will get you to Canary Wharf or Stepney Green stations. From there the rest of London is your oyster, and you can visit the entire city should you choose.

Limehouse escorts are girls who love meeting new people. Always excited by clients who hire them to take them out to clubs, pubs or restaurants, these girls are very open minded and engaging. Reputable for being stunning in appearance, each Limehouse escort has stolen the breath of countless previous clients, and will no doubt steal countless more.

You can have fun with your escorts in Limehouse, or you can take them further afield to more central areas of London. Many assume they have to do the latter to have any fun at all, but this is not so. The escorts Limehouse offers are well practiced at ensuring their clients have an entertaining evening in the dullest of locations, and many clients hire Limehouse escorts for an engaging evening indoors, boycotting the sights and side of London.

While Limehouse might not be the most appealing area for dating and socialising, this does not mean outsiders should boycott the idea of visiting or residents should despair, because, as anyone who has hired one of our girls before will tell you, each escort Limehouse calls its own is a world of entertainment in herself.

So whether you venture deeper into central or spend an evening indoors, or even if you explore what other entertainment Limehouse has to offer, whether it’s absorbing the industrial beauty of the docks reflecting the lights of the city, or searching out a bar or club, hiring a Limehouse escort will make your evening all the more special.