Living in the Fast Lane

London is filled with young men who enjoy a fast paced carefree lifestyle. There are so many baby faced men straight out of University who have landed their dream London job that pays them more money than they know what to do with. You may think that we breed them like that. Their lifestyle is all about doing now worry about it later. They are too young to settle down but not too young to live life to the full and enjoy their bachelor status to the maximum. These men want to party and have very little need for sleep and London is the perfect place in which to do that. These men are attractive and most likely have women throwing themselves at them but for them they enjoy the thrill of the chase and that little bit of danger.

Hiring an Escort is the perfect way for young men to have the no strings fun they are looking for with some of London’s most beautiful women who really know how to show them a good time. Of course as you would expect London has many fabulous places to go to, for young, hip, trendy fun, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is my perfect guide for a young man in his prime with his London Escort.

First stop for any cool young wealthy man with a Latin Escort has got to be Nobu Berkeley Restaurant. Here you can enjoy a gorgeous exotic meal of sushi and champagne. The decor is so cool in the restaurant that you and your Latin Escort will not want to leave. After your meal why not head into the bar area which has more of a cool club vibe for more champagne and showing off to the best of your ability. Your Latin escort will be suitably impressed and will enjoy the relaxed fun vibe. Soon you will be ready to get your dancing shoes on so I recommend heading to the ultimate in cool Paper Club. You and your Latin escort will have to be dressed to impress to get in but when you do you will not be disappointed. This is a club that you can really let your hair down and make the most of the luxurious decor. The music is cool and the DJ’s will make sure that everyone is up on their feet having the time of their lives.