Annie Bell

My name is Anne Sutherland. I am a mother of two gorgeous children Lucy who is four and Liam who will be two next week. Their Father, my Husband, is long since disappeared; in fact I have absolutely no idea where he is, so it is just us three now. We live in a small house in North London it is nothing flash but we get like it. We live off my wages from being a London Escort. It might shock a lot of you but believe me it is not at all as bad as it sounds and it pays the bills and I can be there for my children during the day. We have so much fun and I just know they love having me pick them up from school and taking them to the local swimming pool. It really is the perfect job for me.

I became a London Escort exactly one year ago when my husband James left me for another woman. I will never forget the look on his face when he said he was leaving and never wanted to see us again. I was devastated. I was a housewife with no income we relied upon his salary. I had no idea what we would do. I had to find a way and fast to make ends meet so I began to look for part time work something that would fit around family life. That was when I came across a famous London Escort company searching for a new breed of Escorts, a more mature lady, women who were in their 30’s. They were advertising for women who were happy to work in the evening and simply have dinner with wealthy clients. It sounded perfect. I mean I had no idea if I could be an Escort but it was surely worth a try.

The next day I was all set to give it a go so I phoned the Escort agency and arranged an interview with them for that very day in their central London office. I could not help but be a little excited this could be the perfect opportunity for me. I had three hours until the meeting to make myself look presentable, to transform myself, into an Escort. I choose a classic Little Black dress to wear with my best underwear and a fabulous pair of shoes, bought for me by my Husband, the Christmas just past. I spent an hour in the bath preening myself and another hour doing my hair and makeup. It was the first time in ages when I had really made an effort and as I looked at myself in the mirror I had to admit I didn’t look half bad.

Thankfully the London Escort agency loved me and they told me there and then that I had the job as a mature sophisticated Escort who they would name Annie Bell. I was over the moon, this was going to be a fresh start for me, and the money wasn’t half bad either. From that day on the Escort agency were in contact on a daily basis to tell me of clients who wanted to take me out so I hired an au pair to look after the children while they slept in the evenings and I started to go out.

Over the past year I have been to some of the best restaurant’s London has to offer and I can truly say I love every minute of my job. It is not at all seedy just harmless fun for both me and my wealthy client. It is so nice to be treated like a lady for once and be paid for it.