Bubble Bath

When I asked Candy if that was her real name she laughed and told me that London is no city for a girl named Candy. That was how I knew Candy was her real name. She refuses to tell me her surname. I have even tried bribing her with expensive jewellery and fancy dinners. No dice.

Candy is perfect for me. I knew she would be the minute I went to the London escort agency. I had a certain look in mind and she was it. Brown curly hair, big bright eyes, sweet face and slender. I don’t go for that whole Hollywood bombshell look, give me pretty any day.

Plus, I have a really demanding job. I have worked in Canary Wharf for the last 10 years as a senior exec. When I want to relax I don’t want brash and high maintenance, I want Candy, sweet and satisfying, a fast buzz.

I guess this is why I tried a London escort service in the first place. What you see in what you get, pleasure guaranteed without any of the hassle, birds in London can be exhausting and I just don’t have the time for that drama.

Candy is special. One evening I texted her and told her to wear that tight blue dress I like, the one she was wearing the first time I saw her at the London escort agency.

She was to come meet me at a cocktail bar close to my office in Canary Wharf.

As usual, she followed my directions word for word and by the time we had moved on to Nobu for dinner, I was thanking my lucky stars again that I had called that London escort service number and had met Candy.

When I hailed a cab after dinner, Candy was expecting us to go to the usual address, but I surprised her by telling the cab driver to take us to one of the most exclusive hotels in London instead.

I knew what to expect what we got to the room as I had spent weeks planning for it, and also of course, paying for it, but though I have seen some of the most exclusive venues in London, this room blew my mind.

The view from the room gave an almost 360 degree view of London’s skyline and every inch of the room was designed to scream luxury.

The bathroom was just as I hoped it would be with the tub was already filled with champagne as I had requested.

After a few shrieks of disbelief, I convinced Candy that it was ok to hop in, I assured her soaking in champagne may be illegal in some backwaters of the world but it sure as hell wasn’t illegal in London.

It’s funny, for years I have worked in Canary Wharf, making loads of money, but wondering what was the point. I live in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London, and shy of owning a Boeing 377, I can almost indulge every fantasy that money can buy.

Yet, for all this, the thing that has brought me the most happiness is watching a London escort, Candy Noname, splash around in a champagne bubble bath, beckoning me to come in.