Camilla and Max

My name is Camilla and I am 28 years old. I live in a lovely large apartment in London with my husband Max and our two year old little girl Lola. You could say we have it all. Max is a successful banker working in the city of London and I am happy to be stay at home mum, having given up my successful job in a London PR firm when I had Lola. We never want for anything and we really do have a wonderful lifestyle.

I myself come from a middle class background. I was extremely fortunate, we lived in a big house in the Surrey countryside with lots of land and horses and I was sent to a private school. I eventually went on to go to University where I got a First Class English Degree. My life was and still is idyllic.

Max and I met through a mutual friend at a dinner party. As soon as I met him I just knew he was the man for me and I set out all guns blazing to get him. It did not take long for me to charm him and a year later we were married in my home town. Despite my conventional upbringing I have always been adventurous and love trying new and exciting things. Max and I have both travelled the world and we love nothing more than living on the edge. The same goes for our love life. We will try anything once and we like to keep things as fresh and exciting as possible. We both love the thrill of the unknown and we have had so much fun exploring different possibilities of where we can next take our love life. Even after we had the baby I was not put off in fact I think I was keener than ever to try new things. Max and I are lucky in that sense we have always been so compatible with insatiable appetites for things of a saucy nature.

It was about a year ago when Max and I were scoring the internet in the hope of finding a new exciting way to boost our love life when we came across a special website that were looking for an open minded couple to experiment with their intimate love life. Max and I knew straight away that it was for us we couldn’t wait for the next day to call them to find out all about it.

The next day we called the people from the advert and they took the time to explain to us what it was all about. They were an Escort agency who had decided to branch out into Couple Escorts which basically meant that they were looking for young good looking couples that would be happy to work for individual clients. I had heard of Escorts before, in fact we had hired a few for ourselves, but never of Couple Escorts. Max and I were intrigued and thought that we should give it a go. The Escort agency was so good and arranged for us to come into their office in central London to have an interview. Thank fully the Escort agency thought we would be a perfect couple for the job and they set up a meeting with our first client the day after.

The money was fantastic too but we weren’t doing it for the money – we were doing it for our own enjoyment. Our first Couple Escort meeting went fabulously well and we came away from it more in Love than ever and so glad that we had tried something new. We are not sure if we will continue doing the Escort work but it is nice to know it’s always there when we want to spice things up again.