Canary Wharf

I had just arrived in London to take up my new role as a financial consultant in the thriving Canary Wharf area, and was feeling somewhat isolated. Despite the fact that over 100,000 people work in Canary Wharf with jobs such as mine (it’s the busiest financial district in London) it can become quite lonely for a newcomer.

Although my financial consultancy skills are top of the range, I am unfortunately not very adept at casual socializing and making new friends – particularly lady friends. Therefore I decided to call up a Canary Wharf Escort to help me relax into my new environment. I had read on the internet that oftentimes you can wind up having sex with your escort – and it was all perfectly legal, into the bargain!

That evening, I waited somewhat nervously in the sleek entrance hall of my office building, as the rest of my co-workers filed out. It had been a long time since I’d been in the company of an escort, and I was feeling slightly insecure. I hoped I wouldn’t mess up the evening, somehow – it can happen.

I saw her through the glass entranceway of the building as she walked in. She didn’t notice me at first, so I was able to get a good look at her. Looking fabulous in a dark green dress and beige coat, my escort had a kind of warm, inviting look to her. Her wavy, bright-red hair and flashing green eyes made her seem slightly like a modern Boudicca in physical appearance, but with none of the Celtic queen’s intimidation! Indeed, the redness of her hair complemented the warmness of her expression – she seemed to be wearing a permanent, welcoming smile.

I walked over to my escort and introduced myself. Her smile grew wider and warmer as her emerald eyes looked me up and down. Warm as her looks, her voice had a cute accent to it that I couldn’t quite place. I later found out that she was part French, which also explained her good looks! I suggested we go and find somewhere to eat along the river.  Her soft hands gently took my arm as we headed over to the car park to fetch my BMW.

The lights of canary wharf began to light up as we drove away into the gathering dusk. For an escort, canary wharf was quite familiar to her – apparently, she had grew up quite close by after her parents moved over from France. I likewise told her about where I was from, and my earlier insecurities vanished as the small talk became easier and easier.

We shared dinner at a romantic river-side restaurant, the London river lights creating a quaint atmosphere. The talk began to get more flirtatious as the time wore on and the champagne began to flow – I knew I was in luck that night!

And I certainly was….We drove back to my nearby riverside apartment, where she asked to come in….We were both a little tipsy at this point, and ready for some fun. I invited her in, and we stood facing each other in my lounge…My escort looked even more stunning standing there than she had when I first saw her. Her eyes glowed bright with promise…We drew closer, her fragrant perfume filling my nostrils. She smelled as good as she looked….

You can guess what happened next. A sultry, tempestuous, and entirely unforgettable night….I woke the next morning feeling incredibly happy, albeit a little exhausted (it was a fairly wild night, after all). I had certainly gotten over my unease at moving to London. It seemed that there was a lot of fun to be had In the city, and it won’t be the last time I hire an escort – they really are quite wonderful.