Flame Red

Running my hand down a sleek, curved, lingerie clad leg, perfumed breath warming the back of my neck. With my other hand, I clasp a soft, warm body close to mine, her firm breasts pressing against my own. Green eyes glint at me from under a maze of luxurious red hair, inches from my face. Two soft, nubile arms are wrapped around my back, hugging tighter and tighter.

It was going to be a night to remember.

But first, you must be musing on the obvious question – how on earth did I get into this highly desirable situation? Let me explain. In the scenario above, I am in a hotel room in London. The amazing woman beneath me is a London Escort.

I had hired a London Escort primarily for the purpose of accompanying me to a high class business dinner in London’s Canary Wharf, where I needed to make a good impression. Having a glamorous escort by my side seemed like a good way of going about it.

I had my chauffeur pick up my escort first, before driving to my riverside London hotel to collect me. I headed downstairs to the car park as soon as he rang. Opening the door, I caught a slight glimpse of the escort who waited within. Even as just a silhouette through the tinted windows of my rolls-royce, her figure looked impressive. I opened the door and took a seat next to her.

The first thing which hit me was my escort’s tasteful and intoxicating scent. The next was her amazing beauty – one sleek leg crossed over the other, red dinner-dress tightly hugging them, she sat with the posture of a movie star. Indeed, she looked very Audrey Hepburn, with a long cigarette in one red-gloved hand, and her vivid red hair died up in an elegant bun behind her head. A pearl necklace hung from her neck, complementing her tasteful diamond earrings. Whether it was the work of her or the escort agency, I don’t know, but her outfit, mixed with her looks, practically oozed high-class, womanlike allure.

After a cordial greeting, we spent the first five minutes of the car journey in silence, as London whizzed by around us. I admit, I was a little thrown by my companion’s intimidating beauty. Normally, I’m quite a chatty person, particularly with the ladies, despite my slightly unromantic profession as a high-level financier

After those torturing first five minutes, however, my escort broke the ice – “your hairs out of place”, she said, smile as she gently leaned over and adjusted my fringe. Gaining some confidence, I replied with a grin – “what I’m wondering, is how you got your hair – and everything else for that matter – so perfectly in place!”. She giggled, and we spent the rest of the journey chatting and flirting. I knew I was in luck….

The business dinner proceeded very well, and my escort’s charming manners and captivating looks had a lot to do with it, I think. Like Cleopatra seducing emperors, all the bigwigs of Canary Wharf attending the dinner couldn’t keep their eyes off her!

After the dinner, I decided I was going to give my companion the red carpet treatment for the rest of the night. She deserved it, and anyway, we had really hit it off and I wanted some more quality time with her.

I took her back to my 5-star hotel’s bar, where I mightily impressed her by ordering a 200.00 bottle of red wine. The sublime taste of it impressed her even more, I think! Our talk grew more flirtatious as the night went on, and eventually we decided to go up to my room.

…Which brings us back to the point we were at the start of my tale. My London Escort gave me a night I’ll not forget quickly. And if you’re in London, and can afford her, I think she’ll probably do the same for you!