Friends for Life

My name is Anna Jameson and I live in a three bedroom flat in London. I live here with my two best friends Lizzie and Leah. We have lived here together for two years now and we absolutely love it. We have decorated the place like a sumptuous French boudoir with chaise lounges and chandeliers to die for. Our flat is in a Victorian conversion with lots of period features and it really is our little haven away from London.

We can never imagine leaving this place it is just too perfect for words. We all love to shop and all have more shoes and clothes than we know what to do with. Each of our bedrooms is filled to the rafters with our collections of designer stuff that we just had to have for one reason or another. The flat is in Chelsea which is a posh area of London and we simply can’t imagine living or being anywhere else. This place is so perfect with everything we could possibly wish for but most of all it is perfect because we have each other.

We have all known each other for three years after we met at an interview in central London. I myself had just arrived in London after leaving my hometown in the North. Lizzie and Leah were in the same boat having recently arrived here after leaving home for the first time. We were all so excited to be beginning a new exciting life and we of course we would never have admitted it but we were all so young and extremely naive. We had all pitched up at the address in central London for our interview; we had little idea what it was all about, just a job that was advertised in the London job paper. When we arrived there were about ten other pretty looking girls that were obviously there for the same job as us, we just happened, to be sitting together. We quickly struck up a conversation, perhaps it was because we were all so nervous, but the three of us just seemed to click right away. After about 10 minutes a smart looking women came out to talk to us. She explained that the interview was for London Escorts and she told us about what would be expected of us and what we would be paid. She then gave us the opportunity to leave if we felt we were not up to the job. I will be honest with you if I was on my own I would have probably run a mile but because I had Lizzie and Leah there and we all egged each other on saying it would be a laugh I decided to stay.

The London Escort agency then took the time to interview each of us individually and then we all sat in the waiting room nervously waiting to find out if we had got the job. After about ten minutes the Escort lady came out to talk us. She quickly told the five other girls waiting that they had been unsuccessful, leaving just the three of us, on our own. She then told us that we had been successful applicants and we had been given the job as Escorts.

She said that they had loved us and we would be perfect Escorts. She also said that we could possibly think about working together to give each other support. Escorts always worked better in a team she said. I was so nervous and unsure but knowing that I would have my two new friends beside me made me think that being an Escort could be lots of fun. Since that day we have continued to Escort and I am pleased to say we have become very successful. We are like the three Escort musketeers: all for one and one for all!