Linda Miles

My name is Linda Miles and I am an Editor of a popular luxury fashion magazine. I am a career women and I am not ashamed of it. I have spent 20 years working every hour god sends to carve out my career in the competitive world of London Fashion magazines and now I have achieved my goal and I am Editor in Chief at this London fashion magazine.

It is an amazing feeling and I am so proud of all I have achieved. Through my job I have been lucky enough to not only live in London the fashion capital of Europe but I have also travelled the world and seen so many amazing sights. Unfortunately I have been working the whole time so I never really got the chance to properly appreciate those places but still at least I have been to them. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to have a glamorous career, my own Mother, was the exact opposite.

She got married to my Father at 18 and remained a doting housewife doing all the cooking and cleaning, looking after the children, until the day she died. Watching her I always knew that life was not for me so as soon as I turned 16 I was of, despite my Mothers protest, to the bright lights of London where I dreamt of becoming a magazine Editor. The feeling that I have made it is fantastic. I have worked so hard and it has certainly not been easy but I do not regret a single second of my career so far.

The only problem with working so hard and living in fast paced London is that life has just seemed to pass me by so quickly. I am now almost 40 years old and if I am honest all I have to show for it is a successful career. I always was so adamant I did not want to get married and have children, so determined, not to listen to my biological clock ticking away. Unfortunately though it just kept on ticking and one day I had the awful realisation that I was lonely. I was sad that I had let all the short term boyfriends I had slip away from me just because I thought I did not have the time for them. When I look back know I realise I was arrogant and just so full of myself. Perhaps I was also a little insecure and scared of getting hurt, letting them in, and showing my weakness. I just had to be the strong independent woman I claimed to be.

I did not want to be lonely so I decided that I would find a London Escort agency that offered men that I could pay to keep me company. I was shocked to find that London had so many male Escorts that all looked relatively normal; some of them were absolutely gorgeous. This could be very fun indeed. I decided I would try out the entire best male London Escorts London had to offer until I found my favourite.

It did not take long until I found my perfect Escort who now Escorts me to all of my business dinners and we really do get on and have lots of fun. I am pleased to say that thanks to my Escort I no longer am a sad lonely London woman. I would recommend every career woman should have an Escort; it helps keep you young and makes you want to have fun. I am so grateful for my Escort I don’t think I will ever be without one again.