A Little Girl’s Dream

My name is Miranda and I am 23 years old. I live in London, have done all my life, and I love it here, always have, always will. I grew up in Fulham a middle class area of London. It was always just me and my mum and we liked it that way. I never wanted for anything and I just used to think that I was extra special because I could have my mum all to myself. I always knew we were a little bit different from all the other children that lived in my area and went to my private school but I liked it that way. My mum never worked during the day she was always there to take me to school and pick me up at the end of the day. My mum worked at night. I would help her get dressed up for her glamorous job. I helped her with her hair and makeup. My mum was so different from all the other boring mums at my school. My mum was beautiful and always looked her best.

From a very early age I remember telling my mum I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to grow up and have my very own lovely house in London and go to work looking glamorous every night. I thought we had the perfect life. I was never quite sure what my mum did, she told me it was a very special job, but never the name of it, so I just assumed it was the world’s best job. I knew that it was the life I wanted so concentrated on looking pretty and wearing the nicest clothes. Looking good was going to be my job. It was not until many years later until I discovered exactly what my mum did. There had been nasty rumours circulating around the community about my mum about her being a lady of the night. I at thirteen years old had no idea what that was so I decided to ask my mum. My mum was so good and she explained it all to me. She was a London Escort. This meant she Escorted men to nice hotels and restaurants around London to keep them company and they paid her for it. To me that did not sound bad at all it actually sounded rather nice. How could people be so negative?

Hearing about exactly what being a London Escort involved I was more determined than ever to finish school and become a fabulous Escort and make lots of money. At the age of eighteen my mum decided that she would allow me to do my first ever Escort job. I was so excited and instead of helping my mum get ready she helped me. I looked amazing wearing a designer dress that my mum had bought be especially for this night. My mum had taken time to explain all the rules of being an Escort and told me exactly what I had to do. When the time came to meeting the man I was to Escort I was not nervous at all. He took me to a famous London restaurant and then we went to a trendy bar in London’s Soho district that I had wanted to go to for ages. The man told me I had been a wonderful Escort and he gave me a huge tip. I was so happy and thought that escorting was the best job ever. Since that day I have continued to Escort and I have achieved all I have ever wanted. I consider myself very lucky to be a London Escort and like my mum I will never be ashamed of what we do.