Lucy Jane – An Intelligent Escort

5am and Lucy Jane is searching for a mini cab to take her home. The rain is lashing down and the London streets are deserted. It is the morning after Lucy Jane’s first job working for a prestigious London Escort agency. As she walks the streets alone after what can only be described as a luxurious sumptuous evening she now understands how addictive this job could be.

Lucy Jane is an intelligent University student in her 1st year studying medicine at Kings College London. All her life she has dreamed of becoming a Doctor and she has never doubted that she was capable of such a task. She sailed through her school exams and waited patiently as offers of University places flooded through her door. When she received the offer from Kings College London offering her an unconditional place to study Medicine she knew that was where she was going.

Lucy Jane grew up in small village in North Devon. For those who don’t know her they assume she has had a delightful quaint upbringing, perhaps in a large farmhouse, with lots of land and not too far from the sea. This picture is helped by Lucy Jane’s rather posh accent acquired from a lifetime reading Jane Austin. Of course those who grew up with her know that the accent is simply put on for her new Doctor friends. Lucy Jane grew up in a small council flat in an unremarkable village with no garden and nowhere near the Devon coastline. She hates to admit it but Lucy Jane is ashamed of her upbringing. She loves her family but she has always felt that she was better than them destined for bigger things in life. This is why Lucy Jane chose to come to London and when she first arrived at Kings College and met her fellow students she knew this was where she was meant to be.

London life was everything she wanted it to be. The trouble was very quickly Lucy Jane realised unlike many of her friends who ran around flashing Daddy’s credit card she simply did not have the funds to support her lifestyle. She needed to find a job that would make her lots of money that would not affect her studies. It was then that she stumbled across an advert for a top London Escort agency who were seeking intelligent, well spoken, young women to join their team. Lucy Jane knew that it was the job for her so she phoned them straight away.

The Escort agency organised for Lucy Jane to come and meet with them to see if she was suitable for the role that would mean she would become what they called a Business Escort. This would require her escorting posh businessmen clients to top London restaurants and perhaps spending the occasional night with them in gorgeous boutique hotels. It was the first time she had really thought about it was she suitable for the position? What were they expecting?

Lucy Jane was a pretty girl she had long blonde hair with creamy pale skin and a body of a supermodel. She was a bit short at 5ft 5in but that could be improved with some killer heels. All in all a not too bad package for an Escort and as she strode into the basement office in the West End of London where she was to meet the manager of the Escort agency Madame Juliette she was feeling fairly confident.

As she left the office 2 hours later she found herself giddy with excitement. Madame Juliette loved her she even said Lucy Jane was perfect for the role just what they looked for in an Escort! So perfect in fact that she wanted her to start tonight. A lovely first job of escorting a Businessman client to dinner in a fancy Mayfair hotel recently awarded two Michelin Stars. How wonderful and better still she would get £200 cash for it! As she began the walk home to her University halls Lucy Jane wondered will I be a good Escort?