Disregard what preconceptions you might have of the London Escort industry. It’s not sleazy, and the escorts are far from cheap hookers. I was using an escort for the first time. I was on holiday with friends in London – well, it turned out they weren’t friends at all – to cut a long story short, I got ditched! With a whole night before my plane arrived in the morning, I decided to get myself an escort to help kill the time.

My escort met me at Trafalgar Square, as I had asked on the phone. Escort agencies tend to have very nice phone receptionists, for some strange reason – it seems they spare no expense. No expense was spared when it came to the radiant, glamorous-looking escort who walked up to me either! She was wearing an expensive-looking black dress, an expensive-looking beige coat, and expensive-looking jewelry. She looked classy.

And very, VERY beautiful! She walked like a supermodel on the catwalk, her hips swaying from side to side as she strode towards me. Her wavy black hair fell down her neck, covering her ears..Her jet black eyes, softened by a bright red smile, pierced into mine. She looked slightly European (I later found out she was in fact from Kosovo).

My escort stopped in front of me…”Eyes up, honey”, she said with a slight giggle. My eyes had inadvertently slid downwards to her incredible cleavage, clearly visible in her tight black dress, which seemed to be severely lacking in space between the chest and the neck!

Escorts aren’t just paid for intercourse. In fact, intercourse isn’t a part of their job description – they are also entertainers, and, as the title suggests – London escorts, who accompany you around London.

And accompany she did – very well too, I might add. She talked and talked, in her sexy eastern European accent, pointing out notable buildings as we walked through central London, telling me about her country, asking me about mine, and occasionally throwing out a teasingly flirtatious comment that hinted at the good time I was going to be having in bed that night….

We walked for about two hours, stopping off at an excellent restaurant in Chinatown along the way which she knew – (my escort knew pretty much everything about where to go to eat in London!) A bit of champagne at a bar in Soho made us both a bit tipsy, and ready for some fun. Leaning against me, she suggested we go back to my hotel room…

That was what I was waiting for! Hailing a taxi, I told the driver I’d pay him double if we got to my London Paddington hotel in ten minutes. He got there in thirteen, but I tipped him big anyway.

Her scent was intoxicating, as she leaned her body against mine in the elevator. We were both silent, neither of us wanting to ruin the moment….The silence continued up the corridor…through the door….as the door shut behind me…And then paradise! Soft arms clasped my back and neck, pulling me towards a warm, voluptuous body…My escort’s whispering, arousing, eastern European accent told me to kiss her, undress her, touch her, hold her…Do everything to her!

Undress her I did, my heart beating faster as I unwrapped her, until my escort was lying on my bed wearing only her silky stockings and bra…Black eyes flashing through the dimness at me, she opened her arms, inviting me forward, into paradise…

It really was quite a wonderful night. I’m not sure I have adequately described it, but if you’re alone in London, get yourself a London escort, and you will certainly see what I mean!