Raining In London

It was already Spring, and the frost had begun to make way for the blossoms and daffodils that filled the parks of London.  Ella lounged on the grass in the timid sunshine, eager to soak up every last drop. She worked in London as a Mayfair Escort by night, and escorts don’t get much rest by night in this city that never sleeps. So each afternoon she would take up any lazy activity she could think of; sunbathing, a day in the spa, reading a book curled up on the sofa or immersing herself in a hot bath. Today was no exception, and she had no intention of expending an ounce of energy.

Unfortunately, Ella hadn’t accounted for London’s unpredictable weather. One fat drop landed on her shoulder, then another on her head. Before long the rain was falling strong and fast – Ella was forced to admit defeat and run for cover. By the time she reached the coffee shop on the edge of the park, she was drenched from head to toe. Ella’s cotton dress clung to her body, the wet material now slightly see through. In her desire for comfort, Ella had neglected to wear a bra today; her nipples were visible under the thin fabric and this didn’t go unnoticed by the gentleman inside, also sheltering from the rain.

“Can I help you ma’am?” He enquired politely. “I’m sure we can find you a towel and warm you up with a coffee”.

“Thank you!” Ella gushed. She wasn’t embarrassed about her transparent clothes; she knew how hot her body was and how powerful a tool it could be. Her career as a Mayfair escort was flourishing thanks to that knowledge!

The man’s name was Ivor, and you rarely came across someone so well mannered in London. They chatted for a while over coffee and waited for the rain to stop. As Ella got up to leave, Ivor stopped her.

“Ella, before you go, I was wondering if I could escort you to dinner this evening? If you don’t have any other plans”.

“Actually I’m working tonight. But let me give you my agent’s number – maybe dinner could be arranged…”

It was a little risky considering that Ivor had no idea what she did, but Ella had a feeling that he wanted her enough to make that call. London escorts were often  blessed with this intuition.

Of course, she was right. Five hours later her taxi pulled up outside the restaurant, and sure enough, Ivor was waiting there with a huge smile and a sharp navy suit on. He offered his arm to escort her inside and they sat in the window where they could watch the world go by. Ella was so happy that she was able to spend her evening with a man she already knew she shared so much chemistry with. The time passed easily, and he seemed equally content to be in the dazzling company of this Mayfair Escort. Girls like Ella didn’t come along every day, and Ivor knew how lucky he was to have met her.

Once they had finished their meal, Ivor seemed a little nervous and Ella knew that there was another question that he wanted to ask her.

“It’s ok” she soothed, “go ahead and ask me”.

“Well, I’ve so enjoyed your company this evening and I really don’t want the night to end here” he explained. “I’d be honoured if you’d come back and spend the night with me”.

Ella smiled; she had been waiting for him to ask all night. “Of course I will” she grinned.

As soon as they got home, any nerves Ivor had dissipated. He picked Ella up with ease and carried her to the bedroom. As she slipped off the straps of her dress and it slid over her supple body to the floor, the ecstatic expression on Ivor’s face told Ella that he would definitely be calling her for a date in London again…