The Real Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Growing up, I had always loved Audrey Hepburn. Seeing her films on TV since I was a little girl, I admired her beauty, grace and elegance. I envied all of the adventures she had and the men who fell in love with her.
Now I’m all grown up, and although you might still catch me singing along to ‘My Fair Lady’ in a cockney accent, I no longer chased dreams of Paris and romance and glamour. That was until I met Hugh.

I had been working as a London escort for a couple of years and learned that London really did have a glamorous side. Gentlemen would take me to nice restaurants for dinner, invite me to stay over at luxury London Hotels and generally treat me like a princess. Of course there are the less chivalrous guys too who treat you like a piece of meat, but that’s another story.
Hugh, however, completely raised the bar. As soon as he led me over to his Bentley and held the door open for me, I knew it was going to be a good night. We went on to a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, then to a sumptuous suite in The Dorchester Hotel. As if that wasn’t a dream come true enough for me, Hugh then called the escort agency the following week asking specifically for me, then again the week after that. I had managed to bag myself a genuine sugar daddy!

After a few weeks of constantly glorious dates, I confided my home address to Hugh as long as he promised to still contact me via the agency. That’s when the flowers started arriving – huge, beautiful bouquets of lilies, roses, orchids… they really took my breath away. I was in heaven. In the subsequent weeks he took me shopping around London and would buy me exquisite sets of silk underwear that I would model for him. He loved that. But the icing on the cake was yet to come…

It was a Thursday morning when it finally happened. My Audrey Hepburn dream come true. Hugh and I now often spent time in the upper class areas of London such as Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge, and we had just spent a particularly steamy night together. He said he had a surprise for his favourite escort before I left, and as we walked down the street hand in hand he came to a stop outside the window of Tiffany & Co. Everything was exactly how it should have been; I had my large Chanel sunglasses on, my long brown hair tied up in an elegant twist and a breakfast pastry in my hand. Just like Audrey. Then he said to me the words I’d been longing to hear:
“I want to buy you a gift. You can choose whatever you like, money is no object”.

I couldn’t believe it! I threw my arms around his neck and begun to kiss all over his face and neck in thanks, while tears of joy crept from my almond eyes. We stepped through the door and were welcomed by a well dressed gentleman who offered to assist us. I chose a white gold necklace set with a 1 carat diamond; my first ever whole carat. I turned around so that Hugh could fasten the delicate chain around my slender neck.
“I want you to wear this every time I see you” he murmured.
I smiled and breathed deeply, wanting to remember this moment for the rest of my life. I was the luckiest London Escort in town, and I knew it.