Rich Man With A Secret

To the outside world it looks as though I have it all. I have a beautiful wife, two delightful children, whom I adore and a huge mansion of a property in the Chelsea area of London. I have a high powered job in finance with a large pay packet to boot. We are able to jet of on fabulous holidays whenever we want and our children are sent to the best private schools money can buy. So sickening is my idyllic life that we even own our very own weekend home in the surrey countryside, complete with aga and 5 acres of Land, to house my daughters 2 horses. I have achieved everything I have ever wanted and it has only been achieved by hard work and honest graft.

I did not start out with all this wealth I came from a working class mining family from up north something I am very proud of. My five brothers and I had very little possessions, we all shared one bedroom, but we were all very happy. We loved kicking a ball around the streets and being boys we thrived on competition. I was the eldest so I took it upon myself to pave the way for success. As soon as my sixteenth birthday came I managed to scrape together enough money to buy a one way ticket to London to seek my fortune. I wanted to prove that I could be successful, make something of my life, and make my Mother proud. In those days London was the only city that held all the possibilities and I was prepared to do anything. Thankfully it did not take me long to establish myself among the well to do bankers. I was quick witted and sharp and good with numbers so they liked me and I liked them. I loved the lifestyle of tailored suits and cigars. It was everything that I wanted it to be and I was so proud I was making it in London.

The years quickly passed and I was readily promoted up the ranks of the banking world. I still found it hard to believe that people listened to me and paid me such a huge amount to do so. It did not take long before the money began burning a hole in my pocket and I started looking for exciting ways to spend my cash. Of course a fancy sports car was first on my list as well and as a posh bachelor pad but something else caught my eye to. Many of my colleagues often brought along dates who were not their wives to business dinners so I enquired and found out these stunning women were high class London Escorts. I was amazed and quickly decided that perhaps I should try one of these famous London Escorts.

It did not take me long to find out more about the Escort world and at first I was truly shocked. There was so much choice, so many gorgeous Escorts, to choose from. I took my first ever Escort Anna Lee to dinner in a top London hotel. She was friendly, kind, easy to talk to and drop dead gorgeous. She was everything you would want in a fantasy woman. From that moment on I was hooked. Ever since that night I have been seeing various Escorts two to three times per week. I have continued doing so even though I married and had the children. I even took an Escort out the day after my wedding day. I guess you could say I am an addict of Escorts. I must say though that many of my London colleagues are exactly the same. I don’t know if it is a money and power thing but many of us do it for whatever reason. I would like to stop and I really don’t know what I would do if my wife found it. I love my family I really do, but I also love the thrill, of the Escort world.