Shy No More

Danny had always been shy. He really had been thrown in at the deep end when he accepted a scouting job at a prestigious London Record Company. His love for music was definitely behind the scenes – he adored standing anonymously at gigs in a heaving crowd and losing himself in the music. But he certainly had no desires to be a rock star; the thought petrified him!

All of the other employees were accustomed to the glamorous London scene, rock and roll lifestyles with gorgeous high class escorts hanging off their arms at celebrity bashes in secret locations. The first time Danny attended one of these parties, he literally wanted the ground to swallow him up. He felt so out of place that he just stood in the corner by himself all evening, clutching his Grey Goose vodka to his chest. He was so jealous of the other guys, brimming with confidence and parading the breath taking beauty of their escorts.

After a few weeks of the same thing (as Danny was obliged to attend such parties), Danny decided to do something about it. He flipped open his laptop, and searched ‘London Escorts‘. A whole host of sites appeared in front of his eyes; Danny never knew that there was such a huge escort industry in London. He carefully pored over the girls, and finally settled on a cute brunette called Diana, who promised to be gentle with her clients. When he called the agency, Danny requested for his escort to meet him at Harrods in Knightsbridge, at midday.

The reason Danny had wanted to meet Diana so early was that he intended to impress tonight. He knew that with her style and elegance, she would be able to help him shop for a fashionable, designer outfit so he would blend right in. As she stepped out of the cab, Danny almost had a heart attack! Diana was even more stunning than her photograph; long legs, deep brown eyes and a devilish smile playing across her lips. Danny had never thought it possible for him to be seen with a girl like this! He finally understood why escorts were so popular in London. They spent the afternoon chatting, smiling, holding hands and browsing the clothing departments, and they both emerged with killer new outfits for the launch party that evening.

Danny was dressed in a black Armani suit, with a dark red shirt underneath, open at the neck. Picking up on the red so that they were colour coordinated, Diana wore a skintight dress that plunged into her fabulous cleavage and accentuated her hourglass curves. It was cut diagonally, with one side skimming her thigh and the other below her knee. The sight of her took Danny’s breath away; he coyly tried to disguise the hard on she had given him…

As Danny and Diana entered the party, the whole room fell silent. Who was this glamorous couple? Surely they must be rich, famous or royalty. People began to flock to them, all wanting to be seen with London’s hottest new couple. With his new found confidence and a beautiful escort by his side, Danny smiled and lapped up the attention. From now on, Diana would escort him to all of these parties if he was able to book her, and he would never again be the shy man hiding in the corner.

As the lights came up and the noise died down, Diana took Danny by the hand and led him out to call a cab. She was intending to make this a full 24 hour visit…