Step into the Escort World

Welcome, welcome to our humble little flat, my name is Christina and this is my sister Alana. Please come in, we would like to show you around, tell you about our new life here in London. We come from Estonia and we were brought here by my Uncle Pablo. He promised us great things in this city and you know he was right. We came here 3 months ago. I am 18 years old and Alana is 19 and we like London very much. It is like nothing we have ever seen before so many old buildings and so many people it is nothing like Estonia. Uncle Pablo says we are very lucky to be here.

We live in this flat with other girls from Estonia they are all very sweet some of them do not speak very good English so I try to help them as much as I can. We are all here to do a job and hopefully make lots of money. We have not seen this money yet but Uncle Pablo says that it is coming soon. We all work as London Escorts organised by my Uncle. This means that we Escort London men who wear expensive suits to various places across the city. It is a very easy job being an Escort and some of the men are very nice. Some are not so nice but we always have a phone to call Uncle Pablo if we get into trouble. I like my London Escort job as it is a good way to see all the famous London sights. Sights like the Big Ben clock and the Tower Bridge. I used to read about these places in my favourite books it is so nice to see them in the flesh. Uncle Pablo tells us that to be a good Escort in London we must look our very best so before we go out we each help each other to get ready. It is nice we all have fun and it helps us get to know each other. Uncle Pablo also brings us nice new clothes to wear. That is the best part as we never were allowed new clothes in Estonia.

I never thought that I could be so lucky to be living in London and to do such a good job like being an Escort. When we were growing up in our little village in Estonia we would never dare to dream of such a wonderful life. I would really like to meet some other London girls of my age. I wonder if they are lucky enough to be an Escort to. Uncle Pablo says we are not quite ready to mix with the London girls yet but I should be a good, patient Escort and my time will soon come.

I do miss my family and friends from home though. I try to be very strong for Alana as she cries a lot saying how much she misses our Mother. We have not been able to talk or write to them yet and we have not received any letters from them. Uncle Pablo says they must have been lost in the bad Estonian post. He has promised us that one day we will be able to go home and visit our family. I can’t wait for that day. He says we must continue to be very good Escorts first though so we can make lots of money so we can afford the bus fare. It is a long way to Estonia form London. In the meantime we must all carry on and do the best job possible for Uncle Pablo and we must always remember that our job is extra special and top secret. If the men in the blue uniforms ever come to the door we must always remember not to tell them about our very important job.