The World of Escorts

It is 5 pm and my girls gather in the drawing room. I call this feeding time at the zoo. It is the time when my gentlemen clients visit our mansion and make a decision on which girl he would like to Escort for the evening. The men have already specified their type so I arrange my girls into areas based on hair colour, age and dress size. Our gentlemen are all very eligible London businessmen and you can be sure they know what they want, most having made up their mind, before they walk through the door. The girls all look forward to this time each of them hoping to grab the attention of the wealthiest client we have to offer.

You can see all of the girls eyeing up each other’s outfits and hairstyles with snide jealous eyes. I really do find it amusing as all my Escorts are drop dead gorgeous. I simply would not have hired them if they weren’t. My agency demands only the best and we are famous for our beautiful classy London Escorts. On the day however it is all down to the London businessman’s taste. The girls needn’t worry however as there are plenty of wealthy men to go round and I rarely receive any complaints through my way of matchmaking.

My London Escort agency is situated in Knightsbridge, a perfect destination for all of London’s top High Class Escort’s, and for all the best clients. I have been running the agency for five years now and since then the agency has significantly grown in both popularity and reputation. A good reputation is of the upmost importance in this extremely competitive industry.

I myself have never been an Escort which is unusual for a woman who runs an Escort Agency especially in London but I have always been fascinated by the Escort industry and have empathy with both the girls and the clients which I think makes me the perfect Escort agency manager. Thankfully in making the business a success I have proven this. London really is the heart of the High Class Escort world and the competition is simple outrageous. To be successful you need to be on top of your game and constantly change the way you do business. That is exactly what I have done and I can tell you I have loved every second. This is my dream job and every day I thank my lucky stars for it.

Doing my 5 pm meet and greet with clients and the girls at the mansion has been one of my most successful ideas that I implemented when I began this job. As far as I am aware we remain the only agency that does it and the clients really do love it. I have always believed that the Escort world in London should be about choice and freedom. Wealthy London businessmen like to feel like they are in control and being able to meet with the girls in person before the evening begins gives them the chance to feel like they are special and always in charge.

Simply looking at a photo of a pretty Escort is not enough for the clients who pay top money for the right girl. The meet and greet also allows for healthy rivalry and competition from the girls and keeps them on their toes making them want to always do better and look their very best. During the meet we have butlers who serve champagne and caviar to add to the luxurious atmosphere we like to create. The gentlemen and clients have one hour to choose their favourite girl before whisking them off for an evening of fun. I believe it is the perfect way to begin an evening of fun and frivolity.