Not having used an escort agency before, I admit I was a little nervous as I waited in the lobby of my London hotel for the woman who my stockbroker friend assured me was going to give me the time of my life. Normally, I would have politely declined, but I was feeling quite lonely after my girlfriend of 3 years had left me. Being much more experienced than me, my friend had advised me that the appropriately-named London Escorts gave good value for your money.

I was certainly not disappointed. Despite worrying that the incredibly gorgeous photo of the escort whom I had selected could not possibly match up to reality, the woman who stepped through the hotel door was every bit as stunning as her photo on the London Escorts website.

Walking cautiously over to her, she flashed me a dazzling smile and greeted me. I was stupefied – her beauty would have been intimidating in normal circumstances, but as an escort, she managed to put me at ease amazingly quickly. The first thing she did after greeting me was to put a soft, scented hand on my shoulder, relaxing my tense muscles as she guided me towards the hotel bar. Clearly, this was not just a job for her – it was an art. My friend was right – while London escorts ran an amazingly cheap service, their escorts were certainly top of the range.

Champagne made small-talk easier, and the first of the two hours in which we spent together at the bar simply flew away as we talked, laughed, and flirted. She would occasionally flick cute, sultry looks at me from underneath her chestnut hair, which set my heart raging with excitement.

She suggested taking a stroll to walk off the dinner we had eaten in the bar before heading upstairs. This, of course, is one of the reasons why using an escort service is such a great experience – you don’t have to think up the ideas – she does it for you. We ambled along the empty streets of late-night London, the bright lights of the city mixing with the bright, cloudless night sky. It was too perfect. As we sat together on a bench near the river Thames, she leaned against me, and whispered in my ear, her silky voice full of promise as she suggested we go back to my room.

My excitement was reaching fever pitch as we walked slowly back to the hotel. We were alone in the bright elevator as it slowly rose. It was only now that I noticed that elevators seemed to move a lot slower in London than in other cities I had visited. My escort was still leaning her soft, warm body against me, her breathing loud in the compact space. If this was all part of an escort’s act, she was doing it remarkably well. Value for money indeed… All nervousness now forgotten, the only thing in my mind other than the arousing scent of the escort beside me was a burning urge for the abysmally slow elevator to speed up!

Finally, we were outside my room. She put a hand on my chest, and flashed me another of her sweet, teasing smiles at me as she asked for 5 minutes to get ready. She slipped through the door and I waited outside, my heart still beating like a cannonball.

Finally, the sultry voice of my escort invited me in. I jumped forward, pushing the door open, unable to contain my desire. I stopped, as the door swung shut behind me – what an image of perfection was lying before me, across my bed!

Wearing silky red lingerie, illuminated by the bright night sky of London streaming in through the window, my escort lay on her side across the white sheets of my bed. One perfect leg nestled over the other; she looked every bit as gorgeous as a Victoria’s Secret model. She was still wearing her adorably flirtatious smile, and her brown eyes flashed with promise and expectation. She beckoned with a finger…I walked slowly forward, chest still thumping. Her smile widened as I got closer, and closer, and closer…

What followed was exactly as my friend described – the time of my life. Dispel any notions of sleaziness, or any moral rules to which you might cling. If you are in London, if you are bored or lonely, you would certainly be missing out on an electrifying experience if you did not get yourself an escort.