Lost Angel

The sister bar of the acclaimed “Lost Society”, the “Lost Angel” is a battersea hideaway that is well worth the somewhat troublesome journey. Although from the outside, Lost Angel looks like little more than a traditional english pub, do not be fooled. Upon stepping inside, you are immediately faced with one of the most unique-looking bars in london. The bar is simple,circular, flanked by high leather bar stools, but it’s the brilliant design touches that give the Lost Angel it’s unique look.

Trumpet light fittings hang from the ceiling, and a whole section of wall is adorned with a stunning painting of an angel, lost among a forest scene. (hence the bar’s name) Dim lamps enhance the atmosphere, creating a living-room style kitsch to the place, and heavy drapes on some of the walls create an almost-theatrical effect.

The quirky touches are what really catches the eye, however. Whether it’s the stone bust with earphones on it’s head, or the old-fashioned telephone box nestled in a corner, or the numerous glass display cages housing squirrels, you certainly have to give the bar credit for bizarre originality!

If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic time with your escort, however, the back rooms are discreet, with décor finely-tuned to the romantic side. However, i’d definitely recommend The Lost Angel purely on the merit of it’s truly unique atmosphere.

339 Battersea Park Road,
SW11 4LS
(020) 7622 2112