Lou Lou the Millionaire Escort

It is around 8am and I awake after a glorious sleep in yet another unfamiliar hotel. It takes me a little time to register where I am but then soon realise I am with one of my regulars. Andrew. A further glance around and I realise I am in one of London’s top 5* hotels. Andrew brought me here last night as a bit of a treat for my birthday. I turned 27 years old and it was really nice to spend it with Andrew. He is a client but over the last five years that we have had a working relationship together we have created a bit of a special bond that we like to keep sacred. Andrew isn’t usually this flash we always stay in a nice London hotel but nothing of this standard. I can’t help but smile and think that I am a very lucky girl. As you might have guessed I am a London Escort. My name is Louisa but my Escort name is Lou Lou, the men seem to like that better, for some reason. I have lived in London for six years and have been a London Escort for five of those years. My first job was with Andrew and I feel really lucky that he has continued to want to use my services. I don’t really know why I became an Escort. I suppose I just like the attention and although I don’t mean to boast I have been blessed with a good body and a pretty face. These qualities have helped turn me into the very successful Escort I am today. I really do love my job and the posh London lifestyle it brings me. I have never felt in any danger or degraded in any way and I still thrive of the attention I get. I know Andrew worships me and I suppose that’s why I keep coming back to him. I now can have my pick of clients and believe me Andrew is not the best looking man I have but I appreciate his loyalty and he is the only client I feel I can really relax and have fun with.

I think one of the reasons I have become a successful Escort is that I have never kept it a secret everyone knows what I do including my parents and although they were a little shocked at first they now respect me for what I do. I live in a modern penthouse apartment on the banks of the River Thames in one of London’s best neighbourhoods. I shop at only the best designer stores and I can afford to go on holiday two times a month to my holiday home in Saint Tropez. I drive a Porsche sports car and I have my own personal beautician who visits me every day when I am in London. Being a top Escort is all about style and looking good you would never get anywhere in the London Escort scene if you do not posses those qualities. Despite the competition I have met some really good friends who are Escorts and we have all managed to stay in touch and we continue to meet up once a month for a good old girly night out.

As you can probably tell I never want to give up my Escort job. I love it and the attention I receive far too much. I have never been one of those girls who would like to marry and have children, it just isn’t in me, so why shouldn’t I keep doing what I love and continue to make good money for it. I am worried about what will happen in a few years when I become older and less popular with my client’s which is why I have started taking the steps to set up my own Escort agency. It will be the next best thing to being an Escort and with my experience as being an Escort in London I am sure I will continue to be extremely successful.