Aphrodisiac Restaurants in London

So, we have covered many of the delicious foods that we men can enjoy to boost our sex lives. But what about where to source these foods? Are there any particular restaurants where we can enjoy foods which will help us in the bedroom? The answer is yes. There are many restaurants right here in London, and what better idea for a romantic date (possibly with a gorgeous London escort) than to visit a venue which specifically caters in cuisine to ignite passion.

So, an oyster bar might not be your first point of call when it comes to a romantic meal out, but lets not forget that these little morsels are believed to increase both male and female sexual desire! These beliefs date all the way back to Ancient mythology – and in the 2nd century AD a Roman satirist even described how ‘women become reckless after ingesting giant oysters.’ So if it is a little fun you are after, it seems only apt that I suggest a visit to one of London’s top oyster bars!

The 5th View which is close to Piccadilly tube station and sits above Waterstone’s book shop, serves a delectable range of wines and cocktails with an array of fresh seafood. If (like me) you are a man who enjoys his beer, there is also a large selection of International ales on sale. The spectacular view in the venue is also set to aid possible romance, with sweeping rooftop sights over the nearby Houses of Parliament. Unsurprisingly the 5th view offers a great place for us men to visit with a high class escort in London, to enjoy a drink and some oysters in pleasant company.

Another great venue in the city is Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill which is located in upmarket Mayfair. Having been open since 1914, the venue is set in a grand Victorian building which makes for the perfect destination for a romantic city date. The classy atmosphere of Bentley’s is aided further by the live piano and jazz which takes place in the evenings. The delectable oyster and champagne bar is situated on the ground floor and is the perfect venue for a pre-dinner delight. Another idea is to meet with an escort in London for a meal, and then head to the oyster bar for some post-dinner treats. The drinks menu includes a tempting selection of champagnes, and guests can opt to try the other seafood on the menu. For budding cooks who would like to learn the art of cooking with sexy ingredients, Bentley’s Restaurant also offers a fish and seafood masterclass with a top city chef. These classes involve learning the art of preparing and cooking oysters, as well an array of other aphrodisiacs – meaning that those who partake can learn to cook their very own sexy dishes!

Another tasty option is the stylish Bibendum Restaurant and Oyster Bar which is located in Kensington, not far from South Kensington tube station. The relaxed yet classy bar has juicy oysters which can be washed down with a delicious cocktail or a bubbly glass of champagne. The bar attracts many professionals in the area, who visit the bar after work to enjoy a few drinks and some seafood. For those new to the delights of London’s oyster bars, staff are discreet and very helpful – and always happy to recommend a certain type of oyster and drink. Due to the relaxed atmosphere in the trendy bar, the venue is an ideal spot to visit with a tasty escort girl. If you are really looking to indulge, the sectioned off restaurant area has a delicious menu which contains other aphrodisiac ingredients such as strawberries and asparagus. A great boost for those planning to carry on the fun, long after they have left the restaurant…….