A Brief History of Aphrodisiac Foods

The first use of food as an aphrodisiac was recorded back in the first century by the ancient Greeks such as Pliny. As pioneers of modern day civilisation, many of their ideas went on to found the societies we now live in. Even the word ‘Aphrodisiac’ is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. Although no scientific studies back up the physical effects of aphrodisiac foods, people are still using them today to boost their libido and enhance their sex lives. If there was nothing in it, surely aphrodisiac food would not have stood the text of time as it has!

Paul of Aegina, a Byzantine Greek physician, spoke of the aphrodisiac power certain foods held during the seventh century. An early concoction that people were advised to consume if they wanted to awaken their sexuality was almonds and pine nuts in honey.

A lot of the aphrodisiacs you here about are simply folklore; almost everything edible has at some point of another been thought to have aphrodisiac properties. Only a few have kept their reputation; some for their appearance (often resembling sexual organs), some for effects they have on the brain and some for effects on the body. Many simply contain vital vitamins and nutrients that give you extra energy, preparing yourself for sexual activity.

In the past, gentlemen have tried to seduce our gorgeous London escorts by feeding them renowned aphrodisiacs; some of the most popular things to try are oysters, chocolate, strawberries and champagne. Even if they don’t affect your sex drive physically, they are still very romantic things to eat and drink, and set the mood perfectly.

During medieval times there were many recipes for love potions; these were sold in shops and on the streets. Some were desperate to woo and unwilling lover, some couples simply wanted to liven up their sexual performance. People also wanted to revive their low libidos, and would try almost anything. If someone told them that zebra tongue would help them maintain an erection, they would probably eat it!

Obviously, it takes more than just food to seduce a potential lover, however it can really help you along the way. The right dish can set the mood and put you both in the right frame of mind for love! It has been used for centuries to stir up lust, so put your faith in food and see if it can help your sex life set on fire tonight!