Cook Up Some Passion

As you probably know by now, there are many foods that have a reputation for being an aphrodisiac, stirring up the passion in you and your lover. However, you need to remember that this is not magic food; if someone has made it clear that they are not attracted to you, it will not change their mind. But if you and your date want to set a romantic mood and invoke some lust, aphrodisiac foods are the ideal solution.

Before you decide on a recipe, think about how it will best be received. If your flat is a filthy mess with a sink full of dirty dishes and over flowing ash trays, no amount of oysters will put her in the mood for love. Women need to be in a comfortable surrounding to be aroused, and they are usually most comfortable somewhere warm and homely. Clean your flat, change your bedsheets and make sure it smells fresh – that’s the first step. Next, you need to decide how you’ll create the right atmosphere. Work out what temperature will be best – perhaps by the log fire in winter, or by the French doors in the summer. Al fresco dining is particularly good if it’s warm and you have a pleasant garden or patio.

Music can contribute greatly to the atmosphere; you don’t want anything too high energy or noisy – try something smooth that can be in the background, such as jazz or classical music. This will fill any silences where you might feel uncomfortable, but won’t intrude on your conversation. When you’re together, try not to talk about yourself too much; ask your date questions too, showing that you have an interest in her.

Although you’ll need good lighting in the kitchen whilst you’re cooking, opt for some soft lighting when you dine. Not only is low lighting more flattering, but it will also put you both at ease and encourage the sensual feelings you’re hoping to stir up. If it’s safe, try candles, but if not a lamp or dimmer switch will do the trick. Set the table properly to show you’ve made an effort, not forgetting the wine glasses and serviettes.

Now that everything’s in place, you’re ready to serve up your aphrodisiac rich meal. If you make it something obvious like oysters, she will know what’s on your mind and could feel the same way! If there is no special lady in your life, book one of our Hertsmere escorts to spend the evening with. They’re the best company money can buy!