Food for Lovers

Welcome to the first post in our newest blog, Food for Lovers. Here, we’ll be exploring all of life’s natural aphrodisiacs and giving you tips on how to introduce them into your lifestyle.

Everyone’s sexual appetite is different. Some have a constantly high libido, and some barely have any cravings. It’s very common for your sex drive to fluctuate, often depending on extraneous circumstances. Your emotional state, stress levels and health all play a big part, and these can be affected by family, finances and your career.

Couples who have recently become intimate tend to be much more insatiable than those who have been together for a long time; that initial fire can burn out and need a little help reigniting. This is completely natural, known as the “honeymoon period”. That raging sex drive can last anywhere from six months up to two years, but unless you are both diagnosed as sex addicts your sex life will at least wind down noticeably.

Aphrodisiacs can be used to stir up that lust, boosting your libido and putting you in the mood for love. Our beautiful London escorts are wise to these techniques, and often use them to enhance their desirability! Not that they would need any extra help with their stunning looks…!

One of the most popular types of aphrodisiac is food; since ancient times, cuisine has been used to set the mood and raise the blood pressure. Although no physical side effects have been proven, it is a widely used method and has seen some exceptional results. Aside from the specific foods used as aphrodisiacs, the act itself of cooking together and feeding each other can be very sexual. Women love to see a man in the kitchen, going to all that effort for her. Many couples have tried feeding each other slowly and sensually, and if you want to take things a step further you could try eating or licking food from each other’s naked bodies. Sweet foods are most common with this practice, such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce and honey. It’s not the actual food that turns you both on here, but the act of slowly licking your partner’s skin.

In this blog we will be bringing you some great recipes involving known aphrodisiacs that you and your lover can use to cook up some heat in the kitchen. We’ll be exploring ways to boost your sex drive, increasing your appetite for things other than just food!