Have You Got the Nuts?

It’s oh so tempting to make lots of rude jokes in this article, but I will try to resist! I’m actually talking about the innocent kind of nuts, which may contain a whole range of aphrodisiac properties. Some have been used in ‘magical’ love potions for hundreds and even thousands of years. The use of pine nuts as an aphrodisiac can be traced back to Medieval times! They are said to increase a man’s potency.

Back in Roman times, walnuts were linked with good fertility and used to aid this. Throughout the Mediterranean and the East, pine nuts have been used for the same purpose for the last 2000 years. In Madagascar, a known aphrodisiac is Cola nuts; this is probably due to the high levels of caffeine found in them which would make the consumer feel more energetic.

It has been suggested that the scent of some nuts may arouse and excite a woman – and yes, I know that sounds funny! Many beauty products and creams contain almond extract, which has aromatic properties. Nuts are also a great source of zinc, so could assist with medical problems such as zinc deficiency impotence. In Chinese herbal medicine, Ginkgo nuts are used to stimulate and awaken erotic desires, as well as other things.

Before you start stocking up on the nuts, make sure you know your body; some people can have a serious allergic reaction to nuts causing the tongue to swell up. However, if you happen to know that you can consume them safely, they’re one of the easiest things to introduce into your diet.

Eat nuts in moderation. Although they are very good for your health, they also have a high fat content. An easy way to eat them is to eat a handful of mixed nuts and dried fruits as a snack between meals – it’s easy to pick at if you’re one of those absent minded snackers. Our London escorts like to look after their figures to ensure they stay slim and desirable, so they sprinkle walnuts or pine nuts over their salads. The taste blends very well with green leaves, and for a sweeter taste you could even add apples to your salad.

Nuts work brilliantly in deserts too; bake some almond cookies, or sprinkle chopped nuts over your ice cream. They can be baked into chocolate brownie or mixed into a banana sundae – so many delicious ways to get them into your diet!