Honey for my Honey

Known as the ‘nectar’ of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, honey is a sticky sweet treat that has been around for centuries. Warm golden in colour and smooth in texture, it has always been considered an indulgence. It is probably for this reason that it has come to be known as an aphrodisiac amongst lovers. Even the famous sex positions book, the Kama Sutra, mentions that honey is an aphrodisiac; when spiced with nutmeg, it supposedly gives you a heightened orgasm.

Honey is a natural alternative to sugar and can give you an energy boost, which could put you in the mood for getting energetic with your partner! Tiredness is a very common prohibiter in the bedroom, so some extra energy could be all you need to spice things up.

There are so many different ways you can consume honey. You can spread it on your toast or crumpets, bake it into cookies or cakes and stir it into a yoghurt. Our London escorts particularly enjoy honey stirred into green tea to sweeten it; it’s a much healthier option that a caffeine filled coffee!

We all know that eating food off each other’s bodies can be a very sensual experience, but be careful if you decide to slather honey over your lover’s skin; it should be limited to smooth, hairless areas only. It sticks to body hair like wax and could result in some involuntary hair removal – painful! Unless you’re into that kind of thing, it might be a better idea to use a less sticky but equally yummy food such as ice cream.

In ancient times, honey was traditionally given to newlyweds as a gift on their ‘honeymoon’; it was meant to help them conceive and be more fertile, and also heighten the pleasure during their love making! This may be where the name “honeymoon” comes from, or it could just signify the sweet period at the beginning of a relationship or marriage.

Our London escorts learned a little trick that you might find very useful; if you need a quick burst of energy that will last for a few hours, consume two tablespoons of honey with a vitamin E capsule; then do some gentle exercise to get it flowing throughout your system. You’ll soon be feeling alert and ready for action! However, this can have the reverse effect after alcohol so don’t try this on a hangover.