Japanese Food Play

Food is one of the most primitive forms of comfort, quickly making us feel both relaxed and satisfied. It is no surprise then, that it is becoming more common for food and sex to be linked to one another. With a study from Ohio State University stating that young men are just as likely to think about food as they do sex – it is no wonder that many couples are starting to combine the two. There are many ways to spice up your sex life through the use of food, and many suggestions seem to be coming all the way from Japan. Leading the way in new and experimental methods, Japan can be used to influence and spice up our sex life:


Nyotaimori or “body sushi, is the sexy practice of serving sushi from a naked women’s body. This could be the perfect treat for you and your partner. The practice can also be experienced with a man playing host to the sushi. The sexy treat, gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with their partner, whilst also enjoying the pleasant taste of sushi. If the idea of raw fish is a bit off putting, then there are many other tempting treats that can be applied to the body. Whipped cream and body chocolate are always winners. Or for a healthy alternative, why not ask your partner to decorate her body with fresh fruit. If you are worried about staining your bed, then get an old sheet or towel for you or your partner to lie on. Remember, the rule is that you cannot use your hands, you must pick up the food only using your mouth.


Wakamezade or “seaweed sake” involves drinking alcohol from a woman’s naked body. The women closes her legs very tightly, so that the area between her thighs and pubis forms a cup. The lady then pours sake down her breasts until it collects in this area, so that her partner can drink it. The name originates from the notion that the woman’s pubic hair resembles soft seaweed. If your partner isn’t too keen then why not simply share a few sexy cocktails naked, or in your underwear.

Fantasy Restaurants

In Japan, many restaurants have taken to combining food and sex. Nyotaimori restaurants are relatively common, and other restaurants around the country offer sensual pleasures alongside their menu. For example, if you like being dominated in the bedroom, then “Alcatraz ER” restaurant would be the place for you. Handcuffed as you enter, guests are lead to cells by sexy nurses, where they can enjoy an array of themed food. In London, we have less erotic restaurants available, but this does not mean that you can’t indulge in your fantasies. Why not take advantage of our escort service? By booking one of our beautiful escort girls, you can explore in your secret fantasy without having to fly all the way to Japan! We also have a great range of Asian escorts who will be happy to indulge in some food fetishes.

Geisha Girls and Food

In Japan, Geisha girls are often hired to attend dinner parties held at traditional Japanese restaurants. The graceful beauties add a touch of sensuality to the atmosphere, serving and attending to guests within the restaurant. Geisha girls also offer clients engaging conversation, and entertainment often in the form of dancing. If this sounds appealing to you, then here in London, all our 24/7 escorts, love to entertain and make their customers feel special. With the grace of a geisha and looks to die for, it is well worth treating yourself to a night with an escort. Maybe you and your partner could spice up your sex life, by engaging in the pleasures of a London escort together? Add food into the equation, and you are guaranteed a sensual night of fun.

So if you are one of the many men who has a food and sex fetish, then why not explore and fulfil these arousing fantasies. Ask your partner if she would like to try out some new and exciting scenarios. Don’t be afraid to suggest spicy scenarios – if you don’t ask, then you will never get! It has never been so easy with London escorts to enter into new and exciting territory. All our stunning girls are very open minded and if you let us know what it is you are after then we will do our very best to oblige.