Leaving it to Nature

Some men want to enhance their sexual performance, but don’t like the idea of popping a pill or putting any unnatural chemicals into their body. Luckily for them, nature is full of its own aphrodisiacs! Mostly known as a general libido booster, aphrodisiacs can also prolong an erection making it stronger, heighten sexual desire, enhance your virility and even aid some medical problems such as impotence and erectile dysfunction. Your sexual performance could be restored simply by changing your diet!

There is an amino acid called Arginine which is found in foods such as meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and coconut milk. By the formation of nitric oxide, it increases your body’s blood flow to the genital area; it has been found that this is the strongest physiological factor in achieving an erection. Arginine has also shown signs that it can increase sperm mobility which would make you more fertile and could help with erectile dysfunction problems. It is said to give men more endurance during sex as well as increasing their desire for it, and could give you even better erections.

Our London escorts enjoy adding this to their diet because there are also other health benefits associated with Arginine; it is said to increase lean muscle mass and improve your strength, and is also said to possess anti-ageing qualities. It can also reduce blood pressure and helps wounds to heal more quickly. With so many benefits included, you’ll probably all be adding more Arginine rich foods to your diet straight away!

When combined with Lysine, Arginine has been used to treat Herpes, one of the most common STIs. Boosting the immune system helps to fight the virus, which can be passed on through sexual intercourse, oral sex or even kissing (only when a cold sore is showing). Although it can relieve the symptoms, once you have the Herpes virus it stays with you for life – unfortunately there is no cure.

Luckily for us, Arginine is one of the top 20 most common amino acids so will not be difficult to come across. As you have seen, it can be found in many dairy products, meat, poultry and nuts. There are plenty of simple recipes you could make with Arginine rich ingredients; why not try a chicken curry with coconut milk and cashew nuts? There are so many foods containing this amino acid that you certainly won’t be short if ideas.