Our Love for Oysters

When you hear about types of food that are natural aphrodisiacs, the most commonly mentioned is the humble oyster. For thousands of years it has been hailed as a food for lovers, stirring up desire upon consumption. The world famous ‘Casanova’ is said to have eaten raw oysters every day to keep his libido at it’s peak; it seemed to have worked well for him!

Scientists may not believe that foods have any properties that increase your sex drive, but the idea fails to die out. Oysters are actually a source of zinc which can improve your overall health – this itself could improve your sex life. It may be a slightly tenuous link, but if you’re looking a the scientific side you could argue this! Even if it has not been proven that food can boost your libido, it can still be very helpful in setting the mood for love. If placebos work medically, then aphrodisiacs can work sexually.

Ladies used to fine dining, such as our stunning London escorts, are likely to have been offered oysters in a restaurant. They are associated with wealth and class, somewhat like Caviare. Some have difficulty with the wet texture of the shellfish, but once you have acquired a taste for oysters you might find them very enjoyable. They are often served on their own or in a sauce as a starter, but there are many recipes you can include them in too. They can be eaten raw, or cooked in any number of ways: baked, steamed, fried, roasted or smoked.

If you’re feeling amorous, try feeding oysters to each other. You must have a good sense of humour to do this; because oysters are so slippery, there’s always the chance that things could go wrong! As long as you’re comfortable enough with each other, this can all just be part of the sexy game. Just think, if one slid down into her cleavage, she might challenge you to retrieve it using no hands!

If you’re trying to woo a potential lover, make sure you know about their personal tastes before serving up a dish of oysters. Some people don’t like the taste of shellfish and others are allergic to it – this would certainly kill the mood! You don’t want to create an awkward situation after going to all that hard work, so make the suggestion in advance. Because oysters are such a well known aphrodisiac, she might have an idea what’s on your mind when you present the menu!