Sexy Food Games

If you’ve been following our ‘Food for Lovers’ blog, you will have established that food can be a very sexual thing. We don’t just eat to keep us alive and healthy; we eat for pleasure, for satisfaction. Eating can be a social activity, an occasion or a celebration!

There are many different ways to make food sexy, and you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen to achieve this. Try one of the tips below to make your lover weak at the knees, every time.

There are few sights more sexy than a woman licking her lips. If done slowly and knowingly, it is guaranteed to drive a man wild. This is a great way for a girl to turn a potentially embarrassing situation to her favour; imagine a beautiful `Wood Lane escort <`_ sitting in a coffee shop, all eyes on her… and then she gets the dreaded ‘milk moustache’ where the froth from her coffee settles on her upper lip. Rather than blushing and wiping it off, she could turn on every man there by removing all traces of froth with the glide of her tongue! If you catch your lady pulling this move in front of you, you can take that as a seductive invitation.

Licking and sucking fingers is also very sexual, and can remind you of blow jobs. Rather than washing your hands after finger food, get your girl to slowly clean you up with her mouth and tongue. She can run her tongue gently along the length of your finger, swirl it around the tip then take the whole thing into her mouth, sucking it lightly. This will drive you absolutely crazy with desire; the sight and the feeling are both amazing.

Guys often like to play the game of throwing popcorn into the air and catching it in their mouths; this can be incorporated into a flirtatious game for two. Ask your girl to stand a few feet away from you and aim for your mouth; if it’s successful, she will be impressed with your skills, and if it’s not you will probably both end up in fits of giggles. There’s nothing like laughter to get the fire burning in your eyes; don’t take yourself too seriously and just have fun with it. The giggles could lead to play fighting and collapsing in a heap on the sofa… we wonder what will happen next?!

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