The Shape of Love

Nobody’s exactly sure what makes aphrodisiac foods work the way that they do. Is it the content of the food, or merely the suggestion that it will arouse you? Does it contain a stimulant? Foods have been used as aphrodisiacs for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years so they must be on to something! Expects are still trying to find out the truth behind the legend.

One of the most obvious representations of something sexual in the world of food is when it takes the shape of a sexual organ, whether it’s male or female. The male genitals are easier to identify; there are many foods that are phallic shaped, like root vegetables for example. Think along the lines of carrots, parsnips, even turnips! Other natural phallic shaped aphrodisiacs include asparagus and bananas. Not forgetting the testicles, similarly shaped foods like onions were thought to increase a man’s potency.

There is less food that might remind you of a vagina, but Oysters are aregular comparison. Curvaceous foods have also been known to arouse when symbolising womanly curves, with fruits such as pears and apples fitting the bill.

In ancient times, some foods that represented semen or eggs were thought to increase fertility; this might include any fruit with seeds or pips, bulbs, pomegranates, eggs and caviar. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this theory. Eating healthily will make your body function better in general, but there is no specific food that has been directly linked to improving fertility.

It’s not particularly the foods themselves that act as a turn on, but the suggestion of something sexual puts the idea in our heads, so our brains and hormones do the rest. There is something very sensual about watching a woman put a phallic shaped object in her mouth; for example, biting into a banana can look very erotic. Sometimes we just need a trigger, a something to plant the seed and then we’re perfectly capable of rediscovering our own libido!

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