The Simple Rules of Sexy Foods

Many of us are already aware that what we eat has a huge effect on our sex lives. However, what about food that we don’t digest – but which we can actually use during our time in the bedroom? After all, mouths shouldn’t have all the fun — food is a versatile substance which is there for our enjoyment! There are many ways to incorporate food into your sex life, but there are also a few ingredients out there which need to be handled with care — (no-one can imagine the intense pain of chili on your nether regions until they have experienced it!) Here, at V London escorts, our Food For Lovers section has given plenty of tips regarding the right foods to enhance your sex life — but what about foods to avoid? A keen fan of food and sexy times myself, I have decided to share a list of important no-no’s when making the most of food during a passionate encounter.

Spicing up in the right way:

It is definitely best to avoid any skin contact with strong food products such as chili, mint, cinnamon, mustard — or anything with too stronger flavour. Strong herbs and spices can be incredibly painful on sensitive areas, with the potential to cause rashes or mild infections. Choose a subtle food product instead, such as natural yogurt infused with a couple of dabs of vanilla essence.

Avoid Sugar:

Although it has a sweet taste and the thought of fun times with popping candy can be very tempting – the hard granules can be extremely painful on certain areas of the body! Also, sugar should never be put inside anywhere on the body — it is both uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Another reason to avoid the sweet stuff, is that for women, sugar is often linked to yeast infections. This means that your lovely lady should also stay away from soft sweet foods (down below) including honey and melted chocolate.

Clean Phallic Shaped Foods For Her:

A few kinky women out there enjoy the thrill of experimenting with hard phallic foods such as cucumbers or carrots. Women who are new to this kind of sexy time may wish to opt for a smaller vegetable, such as a courgette. Any vegetable used should be left raw, cleaned thoroughly and peeled if necessarily. Also, it is really important not to get anything stuck in embarrassing places — yes, some of those hospital stories you have heard are true! Therefore, only ever use long food products that you can easily keep a grip on – potatoes and other rounded vegetables should be avoided!

Clean Watery Foods For You:

For those of us who enjoy experimenting with foods before indulging with our lover – there are certain products which are best for the occasion. If you want to try insertion, then use half an open melon or a juicy seeded papaya — avoid acidic or rough fruits such as pineapple. Raw meats are always very messy and slightly unpleasant – your lady is unlikely to be enthralled by the idea! She might however like to watch you entertain yourself with other items, before giving you a helping hand! If you are at all sensitive down there – or prone to rashes, then it is best to use a thin lubricated condom.

Avoid an Immediate Clean-Up:

It is very tempting to immediately jump in the shower after sexy food time – especially when it has been extra sticky/messy. However, it is important for both men and women who have had a food product inside of them, not to wash away any natural lubrication. Our bodies are extremely receptive and clever — they often know how to prevent irritation and infection by themselves. Therefore take it easy with the washing – and never use strong chemical soaps or shower gels down below.

Food Allergies:

Always check with your partner that she has no food allergies, before you start experimenting with ingredients. It is also best to avoid unusual foods which you have never ingested — as a pain or rash will bring the passion to an abrupt end!

Most importantly, whatever you decide to try out, remember that all food play is supposed to be fun — so take things easy and relax. Food and sex can be an amazing combination, but only when used in the correct way! For some female advice on the right ways to use sexy foods, our blonde escorts in London are always available for a friendly chat. Maybe you would like to gain another females opinion before experimenting with your partner? if so, our bubbly escort girls are available 24/7 – and always enjoy meeting gentlemen in the city.