Alcohol Amour

Because foods and drinks have only been speculated and not proved to increase sexual desire, it’s difficult to specify exactly what is and what isn’t an aphrodisiac. A lot of it depends on what mood you are already in, who is your companion and whether you believe it will work. Just like placebo drugs, aphrodisiacs will probably only have the desired affect if you believe that they will.

Alcohol is not one of the traditional aphrodisiacs that can be traced back for centuries, however wine and champagne has often been shared between lovers. It can signify romance if put in the right setting, and is still gladly accepted as a gift or token to a loved one. However, other alcoholic beverages such as beer and spirits are not known as romantic.

Our London escorts are often wined and dined, so they know what romance feels like. Their preferred tipple is champagne; it has a reputation for being a sophisticated beverage, drunk by the wealthy and upper classes.

Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can make you feel more confident, which can aid sexually charged situations. If you are quite shy or afraid to make the first move, just a couple of drinks could loosen you up enough to get the ball rolling. However, it can also cloud your judgement; people who have drunk too much alcohol have been known to have unprotected sex, or to sleep with someone who they don’t really find attractive! It’s important to know your limits so that you don’t do something you regret.

Too much alcohol can also be a real turn off; someone who is slurring their words and swaying on the spot is not sexy; your behaviour might come across as lewd when you think you are being charming. Men can also suffer from a ‘brewer’s droop’, where large quantities of alcohol prevent you being able to get an erection. This would definitely kill the mood!

If you want to use alcohol as an aphrodisiac, use it in a controlled environment and limit the amount you drink. For example, cook a candle lit meal at home and share a bottle of champagne throughout the course of the evening. Drinking on a full stomach is also a good idea to prevent you feeling too drunk.

It can be introduced into sex games too if you do get lucky; try drizzling some champagne down her cleavage and let it run over her navel, before licking off the liquid with your tongue. The bubbles will cause gentle sensations on her skin that will drive her wild!