The Wonders of the Spanish Fly

Across the Southern parts of Europe, you can find an emerald coloured blister beetle known as the ‘Spanish fly’. For hundreds of years, apothecaries have used the crushed bodies of these beetles for medical purposes, and they also gained a reputation long ago as being a powerful aphrodisiac.

Spanish fly is given to animals by farmers when inciting them to mate; consumption causes the urethral passages when urinating. This may sound rather unpleasant, but if taken in small enough doses it creates just enough of a small itch to bring on the urge, mildly inflaming the genitals. It helps a man to maintain an erection for longer therefore is also used by humans for seduction purposes – women can also use it to make them tingle down below.

If you decide to try taking Spanish fly as an aphrodisiac, you must be very careful; there is a fine line between an effective dose and a dangerous dose. You only need a tiny quantity, and too much could cause painful urination, a fever or even bloody discharge. In major overdoses, it can in fact lead to death.

Spanish fly has been used as an aphrodisiac by some very influential people throughout history; Augustus Caesar’s wife Livia slipped it into the food of her guests in an attempt to incite some kind of indiscretions that she could later blackmail them with. It was consumed by King Henry IV despite the health risks, and given to prostitutes by the Marquis de Sade.

There have also been negative uses of dangerous doses of Spanish fly; it has been used as a poison and to induce an abortion. For medical purposes, it can be used to remove growths such as warts.

The type of Spanish fly sold today as an aphrodisiac is rarely the pure form. Chemicals are produced in laboratories to create a product that has the same effects on the libido as Spanish fly. There are specific rules that stipulate all users must be fully aware that they are consuming it! However tempting it may be, don’t try slipping some into your London escort’s drink without her knowing! It is usually sold in liquid form, and you add a few drops to your drink to get the desired effect. Many compounds contain Cayenne pepper which warms you on the inside, getting you in the mood for love!