Ashley Cole’s Lovers Come Forward

The press can never get enough of juicy celebrity gossip. Love scandals seem to be the most popular theme, and thanks to the lack of fidelity amongst the stars, there’s always something to write about! The largest scandal recently was from Tiger Woods; despite having a stunning wife, a long list of women have come forward to reveal that they too were having sexual relations with the world’s number one golfer. Last week he made an apology on television, saying sorry to his wife and family and fully admitting to the affairs.

Another scandal was all over the headlines when England football Captain John Terry had cheated on his wife, the mother of his children; the mistress used to go out with one of Terry’s team mates. This week the focus is on another footballer, and it’s not the first time he’s been in the spotlight for this very reason.

Ashley Cole earns £100,000 per week playing for Chelsea FC. He’s married to one of the most beautiful and famous women in the country, Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud. From the outside it seems like he has it all; the gorgeous wife, the multi-million pound mansion, the dream job. But this obviously wasn’t enough for Cole, as stories continue to be printed about him having sex with other women.

As far as we know, Cole has not yet met with any London escorts . But there are several other women on the list; a hairdresser, a secretary, a political aide and a glamour model. News broke over a week ago that he had sent explicit photos of himself to a blonde secretary, who didn’t wish to be named for fear of losing her job. Cole tried to claim that a friend had taken the phone and pretended to be him, but it was later revealed that he had slept with the girl. She is one of five women who have come forward since Ashley and Cheryl Cole got together.

Today, news has broken that Cheryl Cole has text Ashley and told him that it’s over, ordering him to leave their home. She stood by her man after the first allegations of infidelity, but enough is enough. She should not have to be humiliated any further; as the nation’s sweetheart, she could have any man she wanted. She has made no secret of her family values and desire to have children, but now it looks like Ashley has blown his chance to play the father role in that scenario.